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Storm the White House March 20th, 2006
Oh yeah, and for those of you who can't make it - turn your t.v. off in protest, because there is nothing on there but Bush propaganda anyway.

Comment Posted By Darrow Boggiano On 13.03.2006 @ 00:41

Thanks for all the publicity. I was even invited on the radio. Sorry, I don't state my case against legalized torture and theft of other people's oil and poppy for heroin distribution and corporate profit, more eloquently. I actually get so freaked out about what has become of our government, that I don't know what to say sometimes. But believe me, I'm not the one who's nuts - it's those of you who can sit around pretending that we have the right to allow our corporations to kill thousands, and what is even more stupid, is that you don't even get any of that money - it all goes to a few on the top, and you idiots back them up. We could be saving lives and doing so many smart things. At least you can proud that you never had to say "I made a mistake, I voted for a stupid redneck, who thinks that killing is fun, especially when you can steal stuff". I many not have figured out the perfect solution, but I do know the first step - putting bush, his daddy, cheney, rumsfeld, and rice behind bars where they belong. Too bad we couldn't see the milosevich trial - it would have been a perfect practice for what is coming.

Comment Posted By Darrow Boggiano On 13.03.2006 @ 00:27

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