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Good Post Rick,

Before we quit however we must consider the consequences of not seeing this through.

Many point to the war in Iraq as a recruiting tool for Al Qaeda and Hizbollah. To some extent it is. Imagine though, the recruitment levels that Al-Qaeda and Hizbollah will experience when they can proudly claim to the muslim world that they have stood toe to toe with the most powerful military in the world, and won!

Jihadists world wide will dance in the streets, and then launch new and more devastating attacks on US and western interests. Our Allies in the Global War on Terror will question our resolve in defending freedom and democracy. Many will conclude that appeasing the terrorists is their only hope of survival.

Like you said we have a choice of either quiting or commiting.. I firmly believe that quiting will be far more disasterous for us as a nation and for the world as a whole. Therefore we need the commitment to wage this war as a war... no half assed approach is going to work here. War is brutal.. we need to ensure that our enemies and those who support them know full well just how brutal it is.


Comment Posted By Darrell On 21.08.2006 @ 11:37

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