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With all due respect, Mr Moran, Obama's speech was ear candy, speaking well to some important emotional values, but somehow unsatisfying from the perspective of leadership and yes, history.

I prefer the draft Wretchard produced:

There is a speech which respects duty and responsibility, which history has looked upon with favor.

Comment Posted By Dan D On 12.11.2009 @ 13:24


Sorry, but Redstate and Hot Air are total turnoffs, featuring a high noise-to-signal ratio, if signal equals clear thinking. They are just puerile ranters carrying on to a diminishing band of like-thinkers.

Don't waste your time there. Their whole approach is predicated on the other side losing, not their side winning.

Comment Posted By Dan D On 2.09.2009 @ 09:47


My oh My
Someone stirred up a small froth here, I do believe.
I see multiple excuses, such as lack of time to make proper arrangements and having to work. Both are worth addressing.
In so far as those of you claiming there was just no time to get it organized.... Seems to me that were you carrying the mainstream opinion you are claiming, not only would there have been no problem organizing this outing, it would still be going on.
While I do not doubt the fervency of your feelings about the situation, I am forced to doubt the amount of attention you have been paying to anything that has been going on for the last decade. 39 days into a new presidency and you want to start a revolution because the elected candidate is attempting to do those things that he promised to do? Wow, I would say I am impressed by the expediency of your efforts, if only you had been involved at all for the last two terms.
Now all of you who smugly excuse yourselves and cronies with the "we had to work" line, I credit you only with coming up with one of the weakest excuses I have ever heard. I can only interpret that to mean that making a day or even a partial days wages was more important to you than this "cause" you now want to stomp your feet and yell about
Reality is that some appear to confusing privilege with right. I am all for you and your ambitions up until the point where it is detrimental to the common good. Unfortunately, the last eight years have somehow given a small minority the idea that greed is their right, and unfortunately for most of the wanna-bees who were having their tea parties they are now thinking that being on top of the heap means they are no longer in the heap. Sorry, top or bottom, it is the same sh-pile and it still smells. There are people who are away from the heap, but they were not out there protesting an attempt at solving this countries problems, they were quietly laughing at the whole episode in their warm clubhouses and boardrooms.

Comment Posted By dan d On 28.02.2009 @ 21:47


Looking at that manifesto, I'd say you are a classical liberal. Welcome to the club! Too bad the post-'68 lefties have run all the classical liberals way over to the rightwing nuthouse.

Comment Posted By Dan D On 28.10.2008 @ 09:01

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