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Dan Smith said -
"But the responsible side of me doesn’t want to go through the clean up process required in the aftermath nor listen to the whining Left complain that things got worse because not enough of their ideas were implemented."

This is the one thing that should sober up all Americans. The damage that can, and probably will happen will take at least 1 -2 generations to fix. And the argument regarding why it didn't work has been used by all the failed socialist states. In fact, they are convinced that socialism failed because they didn't try hard enough to reprogram/re-educate the opponents.

Comment Posted By Dale B. On 25.08.2008 @ 11:54


michael reynolds Said:
9:47 pm

"I would answer that as important as an individual life is, the law is more important. Civilization is built on law. Everything we have and hold dear is built on law."

I have read several posts regarding the law and following the law, made by lawyers and laymen. I find it almost amusing that those that decry "rule of law" are also the same that want to ignore the law.

Could it be possible that we might not be in this war on terror if the 'rule of law' had been enforced, especially with regard to the immigration laws? Had the immigration laws been strictly enforced, by every level of government of this sovereign nation, there may never have been the tragedy of 9/11.

Something must happen to lawyers after they become elected officials where they forget that they swore to uphold the laws of this country. I am more ashamed of those that are sworn to uphold the law and don't, while using the 'rule of law' as a club.

Disgraceful, every one of them.

Comment Posted By Dale B. On 3.04.2008 @ 22:03


Mike Austin,

I think your last sentence is the crux of this political season. I would add that politicians need not insult me or my intelligence. I know how to interpret information and make the correct choice for myself.

Comment Posted By Dale B. On 25.03.2008 @ 07:43



The U.S. is in no position to criticize China for anything in the current economic climate we're in. China is keeping the USD from completely collapsing. The Bush administration, or any administration for that matter, is not going to jeopardize plunging the economy into immediate depression.

Comment Posted By Dale B. On 24.03.2008 @ 08:45

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