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"Are you telling me that’s the best the writers could do? Please give your ideas for a proper Chloe response in the comments."

Chloe's response: "Only until your next drink."

Comment Posted By D.J. McGuire On 17.04.2007 @ 14:19


Ahem, it should be "my fellow Jersey-borns."

Methinks I should just skip commenting altogether.

Comment Posted By D.J. McGuire On 10.04.2007 @ 13:51

Oops! That should read "considered," not "consider" - and the "we" was, of course, a reference to me fellow Jersey-borns.

Comment Posted By D.J. McGuire On 10.04.2007 @ 13:50

"Is there any justification whatsoever for Jack to whisper savagely into Fayed’s ear 'Say hello to your brother' as he ratchets up the chain that gruesomely chokes Fayed to death? Are those the words of a hero doing what is necessary to save us? Or an out of control sadist who derives great pleasure in not only killing his enemies but making them suffer in the process?"

I guess a Midwesterner would ask these questions. Where I grew up (New Jersey), "Say hello to your brother" would just be the cherry on the sundae. Then again, we consider Mafioso to be honorable men, so perhaps we shouldn't say much.

Comment Posted By D.J. McGuire On 10.04.2007 @ 13:49

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