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The three legs of the Chicago stool have been business, politics and crime for over 100 years. Read anything (Google it!)about Capone, Roger Touhy, Dion O'Bannion or , more recently, the Greylord and Gambat investigations. Quite an eye opener.

You are correct. But there's "the outfit" and then another strata made up of Rezkos. I didn't make that point very clear, sorry.

Rezko and a lot of these ward heelers are fixers who move easily between the world of the outfit and the world of legitimacy. Their dealings often go over the line of legality but not always. Plus, they aren't "made" like a Giannoulis or a DeStefano.

But crime is crime. Not much difference between the two when it comes right down to it.


Comment Posted By Cris On 11.10.2008 @ 14:40


Many of those 35k Obama fans have been bused or flown or car-pooled in from all over the country. They are the same faces you've seen in Iowa, Ohio, etc.
That group of 'spontaneous' marchers were probably led by (and included) professional organizers and union organizers on leave from their unions and paid for by the Obama campaign. this was, after all, a media event. Call it a 'Potemkin' parade.

Comment Posted By Cris On 20.04.2008 @ 15:45

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