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The left-wing blogosphere is ablaze with 9/11 conspiracy theory rebuttals and ding-dong shouting matches between factions. See for yourself!

Daily Kos readers (kossacks -- don't you love it?) line up to take potshots at some ignorant Finn who doesn't understand the limits of free speech and intelligent analysis in a democracy. And guess what -- the kossacks mostly agree with The RightWingNutHouse that "The horror and tragedy of that day could end up being subsumed by questions about whether or not the buildings were sabotaged, or whether the Pentagon was damaged by a truck bomb, or if the entire incident was one gigantic government conspiracy to ensure the re-election of George Bush." Makes you feel that not all liberals are stupid -- just the ones who insist on asking questions!

Comment Posted By Chris Michie On 5.06.2006 @ 23:05

Your readers may be interested to learn that a leading liberal blogger, Barbara O'Brien of Mahablog (and, recently, Unclaimed Territory), shares your views!

Like you, she dismisses the "inside job" theorists as cranks and traitors. Read her thrilling takedown of a delusional appeal to scientific principles; laugh along with her witty putdowns; memorize her arguments and sources in case you need to quash some idiot who thinks he knows something about the melting temperature of steel!

No, really, you should check it out. It's a lesson in feeble argument and intellectual enhervation.

Comment Posted By Chris Michie On 5.06.2006 @ 19:29

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