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Richard bottoms said:
Hopefully when Obama is done with the health care debate and has made his choice on Afghanistan he can turn his attention to education. Both parties have failed inner city kids especially. The Democrats need to stand to to the unions and the Republicans need to forget about eliminating the Department of Education and public schools.
Why wait for Obama? Here are some FACTS:
"The JHU Gazette reports that immigrant blacks (either American born of immigrants or those who have immigrated with their families) are performing exceptionally well in higher education, according to a study conducted by researchers at Syracuse and John Hopkins.
Here are a few key conclusions:
There is a higher percentage of immigrant blacks enrolled in elite colleges in America than either native whites or blacks; 9.2% compared with 2.4% percent of other black students and 7.3% white students.
Immigrant blacks have the highest college attendance rate at 75% compared to 72.5% of whites 60.2 percent of native-born blacks.
Immigrant blacks are 4 times more likely than whites to attend four-year colleges and 17 times more likely than whites to attend selective colleges--when social and economic resources are the same."
Please note the study said "either American born of immigrants (i.e. they were born in the US, not in black-majority countries) or those who have immigrated with their families", many of whom presumably live in inner city communities.
These people are getting on with their lives rather than waiting around to see what a political party can do for them or conforming to peer pressure to ruin their lives by not "acting white" - see "Minority Status, Oppositional Culture, & Schooling", edited by John U. Ogbu - or obssessing about the fact that(newsflash!) there is still racism in this world.
American blacks have had 40 years to take positive advantage of the affirmative action and other programs the Democrats created under the Great Society legislation. Most have squandered this opportunity. Except for black women, of course, even though they are still facing serious economic and social discrimination from all quarters. This is something that no political party has even addressed let alone done anything about, and nobody on this site is even remotely interested in.
Common sense says that any group that consistently hands 95% of its vote to one party for decades without any sign of improvement in its lot is not very smart. Especially when that means blindly supporting the party of handouts and academics and ignoring the party of economic and entrepreneurial dominance in which they have every right to participate. There is a window of opportunity now for blacks to do just that instead of knee-jerk name-calling and blaming. But are they going to do it?
As for Obama "turning his attention to education", what can he do about it that hasn't already been done? And if immigrant blacks have such success with the current system, that must mean that it is not the system that is at fault.
Obama and his wife both took advantage of affirmative action - that's how they got to the White House. They are living proof that American blacks who are serious about education can rise to the top. But that means they have to face the truth, i.e. stop ruining their lives with drugs and gutter music, stop abandoning their families and start being responsible parents and that means child support, PTA, homework, doing volunteer work in poor neighbourhoods.
And oh yeah, stop fouling their own nests by demeaning and insulting their women (hos, cunts and bitches, remember?).

Comment Posted By Chantal On 23.10.2009 @ 04:32

Richardbottom said: The Democrats actually care about equal pay. We’re the party that introduces actual legislation to attack pay discrimination, gender inequity and inequality in the workplace.
Fine, and guess how that has worked out in practice in this year of our Lord 2009? Still 77 cents to the dollar. Maybe Obama should make a speech with "soaring rhetoric" like those he made on racism, religion and homosexuality (which have really fixed those problems, haven't they?) Oh wait, he just went on TV and talked about all the sacrifices Michelle made and is making raising their kids, while earning $316,962 a year in Chicago and now in the White House as FLOTUS. The single moms must have loved the irony!
Maybe he doesn't really want to make a speech and have people remind him that during the presidential campaign last year it turned out that...
"The period from October 1 through March 31, Obama paid women on his Senate staff an average annual salary of $44,953.21, which was $12,472 less than the $57,425.00 average annual salary he paid men. Women outnumbered men on the staff 30 to 27….
In percentage terms, McCain paid female staffers 101 percent of what he paid men. Women outnumbered men on McCain’s staff, 26 to 16…
Thirteen of the 20 highest paid members of McCain’s Senate staff were women during the sixth-month reporting period. Eight of the 20 highest paid members of Obama’s Senate staff were women."
And as for disrespecting Clinton, how about Obama's "campaign song": "I've got 99 problems but a bitch aint one"? As he told BET: “I gotta admit - lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Jay-Z. This new American Gangster album is [good]. Kanye, I like. I enjoy some of the newer stuff. Honestly, I love the art of Hip-Hop. I don’t always love the message of Hip-Hop.” But as he told Ludacris later "I'm just messin' with you man".
Want to swop places with a black woman for a while and get something to really whine about?

Comment Posted By Chantal On 22.10.2009 @ 13:27

Richardbottoms said: My sister had the highest scores of anyone in her school district back in 1967, do you think she was steered towards Harvard or Yale and showered with help from administrators to become an Ivy League grad. F*** no she wasn’t.
Lest we forget: the real reason she wouldn't have got into Harvard and Yale (which did not "admit" women until 1973 and 1969 respectively!!!)was because of SEXISM which is still going strong today. The African-American males whining on this site should remember that women - that great "Mino-majority group" - to this day still make only 77 cents (and African American women earn only 69 cents and Latinas just 59 cents) for every dollar that men earn for equal work. Not to mention that they can still be called "hos, cunts and bitches" in print and in public without anyone batting an eyelid while even a HINT of the word "nigger" is now regarded as heresy.
But hey, let me not interrupt this pity party!

Comment Posted By Chantal On 22.10.2009 @ 10:50

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