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Yeah Yeah Yeah! Vote for OBama - he ain't an evil republicant. Thems make you do what you dont wanna - they tells ya how to live - they will not allow you to go back to your uninvolved lives (er, oops thats OBama's wifey) ; republicants has a messiah complex and want to force you to believe in their mythical Jesus who could only heal peoples one at a time, unilke OBama - who can heal the hole planet at once! Yep - Obamas prescidential - didnt you see his seal? And he can speak clearly - unilke Shrub! - Uh, yeah - he is clearly saying he envisions a new country built around a cult of personality - HIS - but......uh...he aint no republicant!!! yeah! And non-Christians will be safe at last from the suicide bombings and pograms that have characterized Ok. So we haven't had anything like that - but we could! Any second! At the drop of a HAT!!!!!! Oh, and Obama will not play upon FEAR - except when winking at our IMMINENT TAKEOVER BY THE FASCIST CHRISTIAN REICHT WING - behind YOU! phew that was close!

Comment Posted By Californio On 28.07.2008 @ 16:41

Companeros! Nothing about Ob_ma, may his name be praised, creeps me out. Indeed - my heart soars when I read the posts above who rail against "scrub" and "poppy Bush" et al. Those useful tools will lay the groundwork for a political climate that BushCo et al would never even dare to hope for. Why? Because in Ob_ma lies the seed of where America needs to be - a united country that, through the Obama years, will lay the foundations of a state-triumphant country that will metaphorically be sitting at the curb, idling, waiting for a true American Champion to slide into the drivers' seat and roar off to world domination. Remember - they are not going to "let" you not serve - and what nobler service then military service? They will "heal the planet" and why should foreigners not take up the cause? Remember - we will apply the Constitution to all - whether "enemy combatant" or merely citizen of a foreign country with no nexus at all to the USA - again , with our noble military enforcing these rights - everywhere in the world (like it or not).

Listen to "California, Uber Alles" by the Dead Kennedys - your future in a nutshell.

Comment Posted By Californio On 28.07.2008 @ 16:29

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