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Thank you for this wonderful history lesson!
I have always found it amazing that General Robert E. Lee, arguably the greatest battlefield commmander in American military history, pulled arguably the biggest blunder in American battlefield history with his ill-advised assault on the Union center with General George Pickett's division.
But perhaps the divine hand of providence was at work, as it would be 78 years later when a softspoken Texan elevated over 18 superior ranking flag officers would emerge from the smoky catastrophe of Pearl Harbor to send that entire Japanese task force to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean six months later in the Battle of Midway.
Chester W. Nimitz went on to become America's greatest Admiral. The Battle of Midway remains the finest hour in the history of the United States Navy.
But back to providence...
As the Army of Northern Virginia withdrew south to the safety of the Shenandoah, its veneer of invincibility shattered forever, the sun rose on a new day.
July 4, 1863.
The day America turned four score and seven years old.
God bless you for this history lesson.
God bless America, 229 years young.

Brian Golden
Lancaster, California 93550

Comment Posted By Brian Golden On 4.07.2005 @ 01:15

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