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I don't think Sean's bad. He's too nosy, though, and that's going to get him killed. I'll go out on a limb and say Miss Anorexia kills him after he finds out she's the mole.

Comment Posted By Brendan On 12.02.2009 @ 15:27


Like the Dems won't do everything in their power to tie McCain to Bush? Fair is fair.

Comment Posted By Brendan On 27.04.2008 @ 16:03

(MORE THAN) 24 TILL "24"

My predictions:

Mole: There isn't another one. The issue of where Marwan got the trasnponder codes, etc. will be ignored. We'll have to chalk it up to either "he got them from his defense contractor job", "he got them from the mole from the early episodes", or "he's very clever".

The president's status will be undetermined at the end of the episode, but if there's another season, he will have recovered and have a new Vice President (since VP Wussboy will have resigned by then)

Tony and the hot terrorist babe will both get shot. Jack can only save one, a replay of the Paul/Chinese-guy situation. Michelle will order him to save the terrorbabe so they can get information, but he'll save Tony instead.

The Chinese will capture the CTU agent that they photographed and torture a confession out of him. They'll demand that Jack be handed over for trial in China. They'll also figure out that Palmer gave the order, and they'll complain to the UN and demand he be charged with a war crime. Also, the lawyer from the human rights agency will show up again to make trouble for Jack. Not sure how this will all play out, though; it will probably be left unresolved.

The Iowa Cell will be mostly caught or killed in a raid, but the leader will get away.

Marwan will be captured alive.

Chloe and Edgar will override the controls on the missile and deactivate the warhead, but it'll still crash into something and cause some damage.

Audrey makes it clear to Jack that it's over between them. Probably in the next to last scene.

Last scene: Behruz shows outside CTU, confronts Jack about his mom. Shoots Jack, other CTU agents gun Behruz down. Jack isn't too badly injured, but he'll look down at Behruz's bullet-ridden body and feel really bad.

Comment Posted By Brendan On 23.05.2005 @ 14:02

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