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Thanks for your efforts the whole season! I read your dispatches (and your blog) every Tuesday with much anticipation and eagerness. I look forward to reading here next season.

As this was only my second season watching the show, I do not have the full history of six seasons for evaluation. Admittedly, I am a bit stubborn to admit that this season was not up to par. Last year was better. I still thought Season Six was great.

Differing with you and many others, I do not believe that the show "jumped the shark" this year. I agree that the nuke explosion is hard to top and quite over the top -- but not over the top of a shark :) Perhaps, exploding the nuke in sparsely inhabited California or Nevada desert area (as the Veep wanted to do in the Middle-East), as a preliminary attack to show Fayed's capabilities, might have served the show better. The business-as-usual atmosphere in LA in the hours after a nuke explosion 20 miles away seemed odd. Maybe I am too picky.

I thought Powers Boothe was perfect as VP Daniels. I certainly hope he is back next season as President. Perhaps a plot with a military coup in the face of the nuke and new terrorist threats has Jack back to work with Daniels to restore our democracy.

Thanks again!

Comment Posted By Brady Hauser On 22.05.2007 @ 14:53


Marilyn's a babe! It would break my heart if she is, indeed, a conspirator. I guess I can send her love letters while she is in prison w/ Paris Hilton :)

Comment Posted By Brady Hauser On 17.05.2007 @ 13:05


Thanks for playing hurt, Rick!

Jack's human. After going through what he has this day, and taking into account the thousands of freshly dead Americans, I do not believe his treatment of Fayed is a sign he has passed the line of hero/terrorist. Personally, I believe his actions were realistic when considering he is human.

Comment Posted By Brady Hauser On 10.04.2007 @ 13:25


While watching the show last night, I thought for sure that Rick would nickname Brady as "Rainman". Oh, well...

Comment Posted By Brady Hauser On 27.03.2007 @ 13:28

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