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With all respect, Rick, blogs are by definition reactionary. We react to what is out there. The bottom line here is that all this "piling on" that you're talking about, that occurred in the Beauchamp case, was a large number of people reacting correctly to being lied to. It's the kind of thing that lease the editorial boards of newspapers, if not the news staff, used to do. Alas, they don't do it much anymore. Which, in turn, is precisely why this new medium exists.

I don't know how others play this particular game, Rick, but I will tell you the truth about BitsBlog; it's very seldom indeed, then I have tried to promote one of my posts by emailing other bloggers. perhaps this explains why my hit rates are not nearly what I think they should be. The reason I haven't done it, is it has always struck me as seeking approval from people you're competing with.

For my part, I speak my mind, and let it go at that. I am active on other people's Blogs for the same reason. If somebody else is going my way, that's just fine. If not, see ya. But I notice a certain talk show host who shall remain nameless, within the studios of WSB has taken note of your efforts. That's not a bad thing. What that notice suggests is, people are starting to take this medium seriously. But perhaps you need to study a little more closely why it is they do so... And perhaps the best way to do that, is to examine what would happen without power being here. Believe me when I tell you, there are those in government who are hitting the prayer mats every night for just such an occurrence. imagine with me, the results of taking Beauchamp at his word with no resistance. what kind of image would be sent into the minds of the average American? What kind of image would be sent into the minds of our military in the rest of the world? Trust me what I tell you that's precisely why the article was written and printed. Make no mistake; these people are working for the other side.

It is precisely because of the incidents like this Beauchamp affair that we in Blogdom are being taken seriously. Far from such Blog Swarms being a BAD thing, I will guarantee you that going forward for the least a little while the media will take fact checking very seriously indeed. TNR got caught with their pants down on this one. Again. To the extent that my adding on my little voice to that particular pig pile help that process along, I consider it a good thing. Certainly, it is better than the absence of that kind of pressure. Glenn would call it an Army of Davids.

Comment Posted By Bithead On 7.08.2007 @ 22:19


Intersting that Greewald had 57 comments in response to his post while there is only one(now two) here

Now why on earth would THAT be of note? Leftists tend to be more rabid and verbose. This is a revelation?

Comment Posted By Bithead On 30.11.2006 @ 13:59

ANd Democrats wonder why they've got the image problems they do, as regards the WOT and national defense.


Comment Posted By Bithead On 30.11.2006 @ 13:55

As I said at my own place, yesterday:

It really is astonishing to observe as the media fabricates some storyline out of whole cloth — “Hastings v. Harman!” — and then it just becomes ossified as an immovable and unexamined premise, especially among the most superficial, partisan and mindless pundits, even though it is based on nothing, or next to nothing.

It shouldn’t come as a shock, Glenn… We on the right’ve been watching it going on for decades, while you on the left and categorically denying it’s been happening. Of course, back then, such fabrications benefited your team. So, you ignored them… at least publicly.

Comment Posted By Bithead On 30.11.2006 @ 12:12

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