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The flawed execution of the Iraq invasion has gutted our volunteer army to the point that we couldn't sustain military action against Iran if we had to, much less respond to a crisis in N.Korea of Latin America. The failure to secure Saddam's explosive depots armed our enemies, and corruption in the reconstruction has turned the population against our troops.

Allowing N.Korea to amass enough fissile material for several nukes while getting bogged down in Iraq was the biggest strategic mistake since Rumsfeld refused to send enough troops to Iraq and (and sent the few he did deploy into battle without proper armor of combat vehicles). To say that Kim is less of a threat because his economy has collapsed is ridiculous. His poverty makes it EVEN MORE likely to sell a nuke to a Saudi-funded terrorist group (remember how he funded his regime through the 1990s by selling missles and nuke-tech to Pakistan?).

Bush is losing the war in Iraq by running it based on domestic political priorities rather than the military facts on the ground. It's more important to this Administration to act like it's winning the war than to actually do what's necessary to win it. His political strategy of insulating the American people from the realities of the war is not backfiring bigtime, because the only way to win now is to bring some hard realities out in the open.

The worst way that the all-powerful White House political team is preventing success in Iraq is by staking Bush's credibility as a leader on "staying the course" when that course is undeniably leading to disaster. They've painted Bush into an impossible corner in which any change in strategy will be seen as a retreat. He's going to have to find a way to correct our course if he's going to keep asking the American people to stay with it.

Comment Posted By Bill Egbert On 21.08.2005 @ 17:45

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