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Doesn't this show he perjured himself and his plea arrangement was built on a fabrication? That means he was convicted of a fictional crime and not the malicious one that actually occurred.

Comment Posted By Beto Ochoa On 22.12.2006 @ 22:01


I've had no illusions about the press since my first real encounter with them in 1966 when Charles Whitman shot people from the UT Tower just a few blocks from my front yard. We drove to New York for our vaction the next day and the body counts gained the further north we drove. When we got to NYC he had shot 200 total killing 120+. It took years just to get an accurate count from the Austin press and TV news.
The press lies and makes stuff up to squeeze their pathetic dime out of peoples pockets and sell advertising. If you've ever been interviewed you know it. If you've ever been involved in a news story you know it. If you've ever been accused of something sensational you know it. It's time everyone comes to grips with it, investigate the bastards and give them a dose of their own arrogant medicine. There's your real Pulitzer worthy journalism.

Comment Posted By Beto Ochoa On 8.08.2006 @ 01:39


There have been three other instances I know of where sunni insurgents slaughtered civilians and told the press that US troops were to blame. In each case it was proven to be a propaganda ploy but, before any investigation was even started, the press reported it straight from the insurgents mouths as if it was fact. Their retractions bore little resemblence to their initial reports in both tenor and visibility. It was happening in the same time frame as this Haditha incident. The insurgents find the American and European press to be willing participants in anti-US propaganda so if they feel they have succeded in smearing these marines they will escalate their efforts. The press is guilty of criminal negligence getting civilians slaughtered in their consistant promotion of the insurgency.
This episode will turn out to be a hoax, just as the other instances were, but the press and the democrats will continue to pump nickles into this drugstore pony ride and pretend that it’s real and they are riding somewhere. Regardless that this pony is faux and only rocks back and forth in place when the nickles are inserted.

Comment Posted By Beto Ochoa On 11.06.2006 @ 11:48


My dad worked for LBJ was good friends with Mr. Estes. I remember driving to Pecos with my dad to pick up a package(an envelope with $50,000 inside) that we took to someone in ElPaso. The thing that struck me the most, here's this rich sonoffabitch and he lives in a craphole like Pecos. His house smelled funky too.
He was really nice to me though and had a fridge loaded with soda pops that I drank till I nearly burst.

Comment Posted By Beto Ochoa On 30.04.2006 @ 17:47


Pot Kettle?

Comment Posted By Beto Ochoa On 17.02.2006 @ 19:14

If the democrats were still populated by the Hubert H. Humphrey calibre of politicians, I would still be a democrat. The current power in the party belongs is the Clinton Machine. It has divided the USA more than any other modern dynamic. It splits the public into smaller factions with race baiting, class envy, fear, Multiple crazy ass fringe groups etc. The press belongs to it. It is THAT machine,with its socialist agenda, that has undermined our rights and created a fascist state inside the Democrat Party. I voted for Bill Clinton believing he would bring change. He did, all the seeds sown in that 1964 convention were seized by the Clintons and magnified by the press. Now moderate voices are shouted down within the party. The only power the people still have is the vote; but what are the choices? So here I am with my eyes open and without the representation I felt I once had. The Clintons are dangerous. Wolves in sheep's clothing. Hillary's way or the highway. No dissent permitted.

Comment Posted By Beto Ochoa On 17.02.2006 @ 09:05

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