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John, if no one cared, then no one would be posting defenses of Beauchamp like your own (paraphrasing) "no one has debunked his story" or the Kossacks calling him "vindicated" and a "whistleblower." They would say, "yeah, he got busted for some lies and/or inaccuracies," and that would be that.

Sure, no one on either side cared about the diaries before they were found to be largely crossed the line into fiction. But no one on either side cared that Gannon was lobbing Bush softballs, either, until all of a sudden, they had pics from a gay escort site. All of a sudden, when your side can score a few points against the media, people start to care.

Comment Posted By Bender Bending Rodriguez On 7.08.2007 @ 15:32

“Victory in Iraq” and “fevered imginations” modify each other. Not “Decloaking Beauchamp” and “fevered imaginations.”

No, that was clear, and that's not the issue.

The issue is, where did you hear anyone say that uncloaking Beauchamp would indeed lead to winning final victory in Iraq, or making up for Abu Ghraib, or winning the domestic debate about the war?

That's the part that makes no sense to us. You seem to be moderating against an extreme, naive triumphalism which, to the best of our knowledge, doesn't exist.

Comment Posted By Bender Bending Rodriguez On 7.08.2007 @ 14:44

For you to have written

"Decloaking Beauchamp will not bring us closer to “victory” in Iraq – if such a thing existed outside of the fevered imaginations of an ever dwindling number of conservatives. It will not make up for Abu Ghraib – another story whose perceived importance far, far outweighed any relationship to the reality of what actually happened. It will not induce the American people to change their minds and embrace the war effort."

implies that you have heard someone somewhere say that the "uncloaking" would indeed have such an effect. Inserting yourself into the convo as the Voice of Reason, when the unreasonable folks were strawmen from your imagination was, frankly, insulting to my intelligence, and probably Ace's (such that it is, as he would admit), too.

Comment Posted By Bender Bending Rodriguez On 7.08.2007 @ 14:07

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