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Retire05 is the reason we are losing in every primary.

Republicans are talking point memo repeating asshats.

Uneducated uniformed dolts who believe that invading Iraq actually accomplished something.

President Obama will save us from the Retire 05s


go ahead and retire

Comment Posted By Babalu On 20.05.2008 @ 20:26


As I recall, McCain couldn't distinguish between Sunni and Shiite. Isn't THAT a critical piece of information?

Tell me something radio host, what qualifies you to judge Senator Obama? Sitting there watching Fox News Pentagon propagandists?

You better start swinging at Obama now. Go ahead, have at it. Smear him. Call him a Muslim and tell us about all his ties to terrorism.

It won't matter. That stuff doesn't work anymore. Because our next chief executive will be a Black man, a Democrat, and actually elected.

President Barack Hussein Obama

Say it again

Where do I call Obama a Muslim?

Where do I say he has ties to terrorism?

The answer is nowhere my friend. And your blanket condemnation coming on this site only shows you to be an ignoramus of the first order. I have, in fact railed against some on the right's efforts to portray Obama as a Muslim:

And no one has ever said Obama has ties to terrorists. Perhaps YOU could explain what he's doing hanging around with an ex-terrorist - someone who showed no remorse about blowing people to smithereens. The fact that this little piece of info doesn't seeme to perturb you only shows you to be one the densest Obama partisans out there - a brainless, mindless automaton who can't think for himself and worships at the altar of a fake, a fraud, a phony, a snake oil salesman who has never accomplished anything in office and yet promises the moon, the sky, and the stars.

Only a nitwit like you would believe someone like that.


Comment Posted By Babalu On 16.05.2008 @ 16:43

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