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Sure, one thing is Veracruz and another one is the rest of the country. I just said what the WHO declared yesterday, or the day before, depending on the time zone. I believe Mexico City's government did a very good job handling the situation, the same as San Luis Potosí, while on the other hand, there are states like Colima and Querétaro that are standing firm on saying that there are no cases of swine flu in their terriotories. This is thanks to the extreme right wing politicians Silverio Cabazos and Francisco Garrido and their retarded ideas of leaving a good impression by lying about their state's health.

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Thanks for all the useful information and questioning, I'm just sick of people blaming this on my country when actualy the WHO congratulated Mexico (the whole country) for its response to the problem. I don't see anyone talking about that.

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People like you make me really sad. America doesn't want narcotraphic, but she's not willing to stop the drug consumption, she doen't want illegals but she's not willing to do new reforms solutions to unfair prices and an unfair trade at the market. We are your neighbours and whether you like it or not, neighours are supposed to work hand in hand, when they don't this is what happens, you have a 1st world counrty (with a colapsing economy) and a 3rd world country next to each other, hateing eachother. Mexicans did not create swine flu just like Chinese and Southeast asians did not create the avian flu. Mexico is working hard with extraordinary meassures to stop this from growing larger, how about appreciating that?

We don't ask for help, we ask to work together with the interests of both countries in mind, not just America's.

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Elbridge Thomas Gerry (July 17, 1744 – November 23, 1814) was an American politician, a member of the Jeffersonian Republican Party.

Comment Posted By Andres On 28.06.2006 @ 23:22

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