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"No, it is impossible to expect the GOP to have worked with the Democrats on health care, or cap and trade, or even card check."

Depends what you mean by "work with" to the Democrats it means "agree with every thing we say and rubber stamp it with your vote." In which case they could never do it.

Comment Posted By Alarm1201 On 9.11.2009 @ 15:13


Faux outrage! That is rich. Especially coming from the party that is renewing the "vast right wing conspiracy" to explain their ineptitude and troubles.

And Reynolds why don't to clam up about Beck being the head of our party. I think the last I read 2.6 million people watch Beck, 3 million when he had Palin. Half of them are probably closet dems with a sense of humor. And it's fraction of the idiots sucking at Soro's money teat and swooning over Moore's latest pack of lies.

Comment Posted By Alarm1201 On 28.09.2009 @ 20:20

I read this post and thought this may actually be one where a liberal cannot find something to bash Bush about, that it might just be possible they could go one time without making some stupid degrading unrelated comment about Bush.

But I was wrong.

Comment Posted By Alarm1201 On 28.09.2009 @ 17:00


"And BTW, I think GW was a colossal letdown, too."

At least Bush learned his lesson with Putin and saw him for the snake he is. 0bama still is and always will be trying to get into Putin's pants.

"Defending the Poles against 1980 was stupid"

Not what the Poles or Czeks think.

Comment Posted By Alarm1201 On 25.09.2009 @ 13:16


Rick may have only referred to one source but this stuff is all over the web.

Maybe we should designate December 7th as Brainless Sissies Activities Day.

Comment Posted By Alarm1201 On 24.08.2009 @ 14:03


"Wait, so what you’re saying is that you’d rather spend hours on the phone..."

Yes. I did not say "hours on the phone" I said "time on the phone".

But more important you missed my point. Insurance companies do and the government will ration care. The difference its that the insurance companies are not locked into formulas, they have them but they can often be persuaded to change if your case is reasonable and you are willing to spend some time (not hours, time) to make your case with the doctors support. With the government you will not be able to make your case unless you can put political pressure on them, which most people cannot do. However, most people do have the ability and time to make a few phone calls, and write a letter or two.

Private insurance may be horrible but its far better then government will be and I've dealt with both. And by the way, to let you in on a little secrete: the government also has a database to set rates that drives down physician compensation.

Comment Posted By Alarm1201 On 21.07.2009 @ 15:03

My wife is a cancer survivor, she had latter 3rd stage breast cancer at 27, so we have been dealing with insurance companies for the last 10 years. It can be frustrating at times to get paid for various procedures but we found for the most part they can be reasoned with - a procedure they say they will not cover they often can be convinced to cover if the doctors support you. For example we wanted testing done to see if my wife had a genetic disposition toward breast cancer. If she did we would perform more surgeries to remove those parts of her body where the cancer was more likely to appear. The procedure cost about $4,000 but after spending time on the phone, having all three of our doctors involved and writing our own letters they finally agreed to pay, even after we had paid out of our pocket.

If we have a bureaucrat drone making these decisions you can forget about something like this. They will robotically open their 1000 page manual, go to Point 4, section 7, sub-subsection 4f, paragraph 45 where it says, “No genetic testing for 3rd stage breast cancer when patient is under 19 years old” and that will be the end of it. No force on this earth, short of a congressional mandate, will allow for them to pay for this procedure.

Comment Posted By Alarm1201 On 21.07.2009 @ 13:12


Thank you for the post Rick.

In '69 I was 6 years old I remember one day my father calling me in from playing with my friends. I was rather annoyed, especially when he sat me down on the couch to watch a fuzzy black and white image. That image was Apollo 11. He made me sit there for a hour or so to watch the landing and the first steps on the moon. He said something like, later you will appreciation the fact that I made you watch this. At the time I could have cared less, but my dad was right, I do appreciate the fact that he made me watch it.

Comment Posted By Alarm1201 On 21.07.2009 @ 05:27


"First source you list – the WSJ. It’s a pay site, and proving you’re an idiot isn’t worth paying money to me."

Never paid a penny for the articles I read on WSJ. The best content is free. Again, if would just learn to google, you would not make an idiot of yourself.

"Now imagine if American companies didn’t have to pay/provide health insurance to their employees…..what could they do with all that extra money? "

Raises for employees? How about taxes to support another bloated, inefficient government program?

Also, my user name has nothing to do with my state of mind. It was a computer error on Apollo 11 LEM that almost cause the mission to fail.

Comment Posted By Alarm1201 On 17.07.2009 @ 16:49

Great post. You've shown two things. The idiocy of the Obama plan and his followers. They have nothing substantial to offer only attacking the character of the Mrs. McCaughey. The fact is she is not the only source of this info. The Wall Street Journal, Investor's Business Daily and a host of other sources are reporting the same things, and worse.

So Rick may have only listed one source but there are many others to back what he says (No, I will not link to them, learn to google.)

One question: Why does Obama not want to wait until after the August recess before cramming this garbage down our throat? Answer: because he knows once Americans find out what is in this bill they will be up and arms.

Comment Posted By Alarm1201 On 17.07.2009 @ 10:55

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