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Plus, I feel like he can trust Heller more than anyone else because:

a) He used to work with him
b) He's Audrey's father
c) He's probably less likely than anyone else in the high up govt. positions to be involved because he's experienced terrorism on such a personal level when he was kidnapped that he is probably less likely to think getting in bed with terrorists is a good idea.

Can't wait for Monday...the promo where Audrey is held at gunpoint made me nervous...

Comment Posted By AgentRez On 15.04.2006 @ 11:44


At this point I'm pretty convinced that Audrey is innocent. Yes, Nina was cleared and later turned out guilty, but that's part of why I think they won't do that again, because they already did that. Plus, Nina was never interrogated the first time...she was cleared based on circumstantial evidence. And my understanding is that they had not even decided to make Nina a mole for real when she was first accused.

As to the Cummings thing, I don't think that proves anything. It wasn't even entirely clear that sleeping with Audrey was part of Walt's plan...Jack said it happened "last April" so it could be completely unrelated, or if it was related I don't think she had any clue.

I could be wrong, but I feel like Audrey turning out to be guilty would be really unrealistic at this point.

Comment Posted By AgentRez On 12.04.2006 @ 22:45

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