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Sorry for the double-posting... I used the back button on my browser, and then forwarded back.

Comment Posted By Aakash On 23.06.2005 @ 20:16

Many on the Right have also not been fans of Karl Rove... He has been blamed by some of my fellow conservatives for some of the non-conservative policies of the Bush administration.

But on foreign policy, Rove has actually been viewed, in some analysts of intra-administration politics, as a balance to the hard-line war hawks in the Bush administration. Some of them had wanted another pre-emptive war during the first term, and they expressed concerns, during the Fall of 2003, when it was reported that people like Karl Rove and Grover Norquist were advising President Bush to avoid any more such wars... ["No Wars in '04!"]

As for Rove's current statements, I think that he was being excessively reductionist in those remarks... Something that one would expect more from some parts of the Blogosphere than from a White House advisor. But depending on the context and time constraints that those remarks were made in (I haven't looked that up), that could be partly justified.

Asking for someone to resign over this is absurd. As for Dick Durbin, we will hopefully be able to defeat him in the next election.

Comment Posted By Aakash On 23.06.2005 @ 20:14


National Review defended Pat Buchanan when he ran for President in 1992, and William F. Buckley sympathized with his candidacy. In 1999, Buckley defended Pat from criticism over his views on WWII. Here is the pertinent Buckley column.

Comment Posted By Aakash On 12.05.2005 @ 18:52

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