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Ah kemosabe, it's after labor day "Let the Games Begin!" were going to have some fun from here on out fasten you're seatbelts folks this ride is an "E" ticket!!!

Comment Posted By ajmontana On 6.09.2007 @ 09:34


I wonder how many investigators they have trying to find the missing Hsu? and if we will get some answers to, who saw him last and where? are they even looking? was his apt left in a hurry and items packed? video cams around his residence and airport cameras? I mean really how hard could it be? find this dog turd and lock him up. America wants to know.

Comment Posted By ajmontana On 6.09.2007 @ 06:45

So the story will die and Hillary is safe.
So Hsu, is dead and Hillary is safe. fixed it for ya....

The guy is probably worm food now. maybe the Chinese gang leaders were looking for him also for 15 years. Hey I've been relatively new to this blog seen (alot of time lately though) I checked out Sister Toldjah's site briefly and you need to keep you're brother from another mother informed. She's a hottie! dont be keeping all the girls especially the southern ones to yourself. best, thanks for the e-mail. lol....aj

Comment Posted By ajmontana On 5.09.2007 @ 18:10


Rick if you're listening I just heard a report on FOX that the scumbag Hsu didnt make his bail hearing this morning never turned over his passport and his attorney's dont know where he is.... what a shocker!!!!! lol

Comment Posted By ajmontana On 5.09.2007 @ 11:52

I feel like a seven year old at Christmas Eve. Maybe someone doesnt want the fit to hit the shan on this story.

Comment Posted By ajmontana On 4.09.2007 @ 07:03

It looks like were going to have to wait until after this long weekend before getting any new info. This story is getting juicier and I feel soon more little truths will unfold that could/will be damaging to the wicked witch.

Comment Posted By ajmontana On 2.09.2007 @ 10:46

I just read you have 9 brothers and sisters, my father had 9 also. The family reunion part was funny.... ours can get if you get more info please give a shout-out someplace.... best...aj

Comment Posted By ajmontana On 1.09.2007 @ 12:09

This is one police report I'd like to see, if one exists.

Comment Posted By ajmontana On 1.09.2007 @ 11:49


Comment Posted By ajmontana On 1.09.2007 @ 11:47

Hey Rick do you know if these gang leaders were arrested and prosecuted on kidnapping charges or just given a moving violation? I as well as you I presume think this kidnapping business is a bunch of malarky.

Comment Posted By ajmontana On 1.09.2007 @ 11:45

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