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Bush did once admit he was wrong about something: the famous 16 words in the 2002 SOTU. (Ironic that they turned out to be correct).

And what response did that good-faith admission receive? A three-week pile-on by all the usual suspects - utter evisceration.

He isn't stupid. If his opponents are going to respond to a good-faith admission with bad-faith opportunism, well, he ain't going to do that again, is he?

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As far as the whereabouts of the Opie-resembling pilot that shot down AF1, I recall that at the top of the following hour someone at CTU announced that one of the president's fighter pilots shot him down.

And I still believe that baldy is still dead.

And Kiefer goes with 24 like peas go with carrots, or peanut butter goes with jelly, or Harrison Ford goes with Indiana Jones. He may seem stuck in this role, but what an amazing character to keep testing!

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Thank you for giving Chloe a part in the body count! If you didn't, I was certainly going to suggest it.

Once again, CTU has not learned from it's own history. Never send just two agents to get the job done. That may work at the beginning of the season but now we are in crunch time here. More is at stake and boy would it be helpful if there had been two agents to act as look-outs and two that were searching the house while our delightful Chloe cracked the computer. Or how about do things the easy way, pick up sweet girlfriend and laptop and cart them both back to CTU? But then something would actually go right for the heros, and that would just be bad writing.

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Did anyone else notice Novak contradicting himself? Last hour he inisted that Pres. Jellyfish give a national address, figuring people were still wide awake and would want reassurance that their government was intact. This past hour, and I cannot remember what they were talking about, he mentioned that much of the country was STILL asleep. I thought everyone was still awake. Do we fall asleep that fast?

And I have to say that my favorite moment of the entire season (not that I don't enjoy watching terrorists suffer at the hands of Jack Bauer) has to be when Chloe ran up to Tony and Michelle, pauses a second, and asks if she were interrupting anything. They could have been making sweet love and she would have done the same thing! I cannot stand that girl, but man did she make me laugh.

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