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sorry abt typo, meant 'due' not 'do'. :)

Comment Posted By zorn On 8.07.2008 @ 06:03

Not sure EVERYONE would agree that conservatives are the descendants of Jeffersonians, but I like it.

And Mr Reynolds, all do respect, you seem a bit out of touch:

1) Iraq isn't a disaster, even Obama thinks he might be able to find the guts to stay in the mix there:
See Here.
And Here.
And Here.

2) And... ...Obama pretty much said he would gut the military:
See Here.
And for fun, I love this on the 'unproven missile defense systems' Here.

3) And finally, I am really disturbed in the way the speaker of the house and far too many other democrats find themselves sitting with and negotiating with terrorist states (like Syria), terrorist organizations (like FARC), and working tirelessly to gut our war efforts. These are not the actions of patriots, but the actions of traitors. It becomes very hard to reach across the aisle, when the person on the other side is working to de-fund your boy who is fighting for freedom in Iraq, or is sitting down with an author of terrorism who is responsible for the kidnappings and/or deaths of your friends and allies.

Comment Posted By zorn On 8.07.2008 @ 05:58



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