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DrKrbyLuv wrote: "Both are promises to pay, but one fattens the usurers and the other helps the people"

A lot of your points are valid but that is a huge whopping error. I suggest you study up on the history of Zimbabwe, Weimar Germany and Argentina to learn how much "the people" there were helped when their governments followed those policies. Unless you're willing to back up the money creation power with something like a gold standard, it will all collapse in misery.

Overall, a very good article, with a couple minor nits:

"we simply couldn’t judge how his obvious leadership qualities would translate into concrete skills."

What "leadership skills?" I never saw anything but the ability to stand in front of a teleprompter and to smoothly say words that someone else wrote. Outside of that, every decision was always deferred to the people around him, and he consistenly has allowed far left fanatics like Pelosi to dictate his choices. Doesn't look much like any "leadership" skills to me, looks more like what Chauncy Gardner would have done.

"he may have to think hard about re-calibrating his priorities and perhaps even re-inventing his presidency."

Chauncy Gardner wouldn't have that ability inside him, and neither does this pretender. He's gonna go down with his far left ship, because he has not the faintest idea of what else to do - and neither do any of his backers.

Comment Posted By wws On 17.12.2009 @ 12:39


Agree that the nuclear waste problem is vastly overstated by those whose true goal is to kill nuclear power because it sounds "scary", and doesn't fit in well with the rainbows and unicorns that are supposed to be the linchpin of the "new economy".

All of the waste that this country could produce would fit easily inside the Yucca Mtn facility in Nevada, which contrary to what you've heard is located in some of the most stable geology in the country and is quite literally in the middle of nowhere.

Yucca Mtn has been talked down for years by Harry Reid, because he took money from the Las Vegas casino owners who feared that Atlantic City and other gaming destinations would be able to use this against them somehow in the fight to gain tourist dollars.

The entire nation's future energy security is being sold down the river because Harry Reid wants to guarantee that some casino owners continue to beat the odds. So much for science as a basis for public policy.

Comment Posted By wws On 25.10.2009 @ 15:01



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