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hey rick you just got done saying coulter was insulting and insensitive to people. you are a very insulting person yourself.arnt you little man.and if you need dog*hit just puke up your breakfast.

Comment Posted By wolverine On 7.06.2006 @ 11:25

hey your part of the fifth column and a liberal infiltrater.ann coulters not about politics but about truth.yes it would be sweet of her to say drippy things about these women whose husbands died.lets face it not every person that suffers tragity is jesus christ ok.for instance when a person sues someone or complains about someone or something else making their life miserable i.e. bush ,the war, ann coulter there is usually something else wrong with these people. depresion,finances , being an idiot.for instance if i sued you for writing this article because you made my life miserable that would be like saying life would be a better place if you didnt give your opinion but thats not fair to you .is it.besides ive heard of ann coulter i aint never heard of you though.what are you out there doing for the truth you big liberals whine too much

Comment Posted By wolverine On 7.06.2006 @ 11:00



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