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I'm assuming you've never done rescue and recovery.

When you are faced with a situation of people rushing, you "overdrop" meaning you drop somewhat far away and you drop more than they need.

Every single incident analysis has shown that in the first few drops there will be rushing, hording and chaos. Then when the crowd gets the idea that more is coming, they will distribute. The strong bring extra supplies back to the weak who were unable to compete in the inital struggle.

The idea that you don't drop water to dying people because it might cause a stampede is simplistic, and juvenille and it shows you don't know what hell you are talking about.

Comment Posted By welllll On 9.09.2005 @ 03:50

Katrina was a natural disaster. The levees were a man-made disaster. The Superdome and Convention Center debacles were man-made disasters.

You may be comfortable with America being so weak we cannot evacuate or drop water to dying people in a major American city.

Maybe it's o.k. with you because most of the people were black.

But most of us know we can do better. Hopefully before your home town has a disaster.

Comment Posted By welllll On 8.09.2005 @ 11:54



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