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Now Gayle

come on

We are defeating Al Quaeda? what about the national Intelligence Estimate that says "Al Quaeda is is resurgent and stronger than ever?"

Comment Posted By wanda On 28.05.2008 @ 22:09


I doubt that anyone on the face of the Earth could disappoint me more that Bush. Once a Conservative, I am now an Independent. Why? because I think the invasion of Iraq is a disaster. Because while corporations got richer, me and all my family and friends are struggling. Because the dollar is worth nothing. Our jobs ( once owned by a GOP doner) were literally shipped to Vietnam. There's your free tade will save everyone.

Because the US tortures people.

Because the towns I live between are in disrepair and when I asked one city manager when they were going to fix the connector bridge he said- and I kid you not- "wait for another administration."

Go ahead and elect Obama and I doubt seriously he would do a worse job that GWB.

I will hand it to you for showing the 75000 people at his rally. Imagine the news is McCain gathered that many people.

Comment Posted By Wanda On 20.05.2008 @ 08:06

Another corrupt Republican (Vito) I not seeking reelection because...well he's a Republican- so he's having an affair - at least not with a boy- and he's corrupt.

Are there going to be any Republicans left?

Will Obama ruin Retire 06's retirement?

Listen, when God gives the world an enema, he will shove the tube right here up Ricky Moron's ass.

Comment Posted By Wanda On 20.05.2008 @ 08:05


please read before Ricky erases this

"Well, that Permanent Majority sure didn’t last long.

Tuesday’s special election in Mississippi, which yielded an eight-point victory for a Democrat in an overwhelmingly Republican district, has signaled to all observers what we’ve known, or at least hoped for, for years; Republicans are doomed.

This has been the case for quite some time-the 2006 elections certainly seemed to indicate serious trouble for the Republican Party-but Mississippi pulled the curtain on the current sad state of the GOP. In the aftermath of Travis Childers’ election, it has become impossible to ignore or deny the fact that the Republican Party is on the verge of disaster.

The GOP had absolutely no legitimate excuses for losing this election, as DavidNYC wrote on Wednesday. They had a decent candidate (in their fashion), running in a strongly red district, they spent vats of money, used all kinds of popular surrogates which we couldn’t match, and engaged in the same tired old "Liberals are EVIL!" scarecrowery that they've practiced for twenty years.

None of it worked, apparently. Not only did they lose the seat, they got beaten quite badly. They tried everything to hang on to a seat that should never have been competitive in the first place, and they failed in grand fashion. It is the perfect indicator that the Republican brand is in historically dire straits-they’re in the worst position they have seen since 1974, perhaps since 1964, perhaps since 1932- and the nation is poised for a genuine Democratic ascendancy.

And everybody knows it."

Number one, all comments are moderated so even if I was of a mind to delete your comment, no one would see it anyway.

Besides why would I delete it? Every single thing you bring up has been said by me on this site in the last few months. You are just regurgitating what I've said.

Of course, I say it better and in more interesting fashion. You are but a pale echo of my brilliance.


And because you engaged in sock puppetry, you can no longer comment on this site.

Comment Posted By wanda On 18.05.2008 @ 21:38


George W Bush has been a great rainmaker for the jihadists. Every second we stay there we give millions reasons to see us as what we are- occupiers who are there not for their democracy but for their natural resources. There is no reason to stay except to keep from saying that the mission wasn't accomplished.

Our soldiers are fighting on behalf of centuries old enemies.

My prediction is that Iraq as a nation will cease to exist and will fracture.

That will be the black eye on neoconservatism throughout history.

Comment Posted By wanda On 1.04.2008 @ 10:16


I live in Canada and it IS freer than the US

It's a great country, a lot better than the US where I was born and raised.

Comment Posted By wanda On 1.04.2008 @ 10:19



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