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Your thoughtful response doesn't seem to be to my posting even though you addressed me. Hindu, Buddist, Atheist, Christian: I don't care. And I don't see anyone taking him on because of his personal beliefs. What this guy did was to take the job of dean at a place that enforces a particular bit of theology as dogmatic science. The absurdity of this particular "the Earth is only 6000 years old" belief aside, any, read that again, _any_ dogmatic enforcement of some TRVTH into a science cirriculum is abhorant. Reread their policy, it isn't about faith or belief, it is something else.

And I admit, at the same time this particular belief about the earth being created only 6000 years ago requires such complete rejection of physics, chemistry, biology, geology and astronomy that it additionally impunes someones grip on reality in general. Sure people can compartmentalize but to suggest that this guy was, not necessarily the best guy for the job, but near the top of a sane list, well that's an insult to our entire country.

Comment Posted By wade On 30.11.2005 @ 14:29

There is a radical difference between believing in a particular bit of religious doctrine and in establishing a policy that requires people to avow that science supports that particular doctrine. The very notion of an apriori assertion of what the data will show before the data is considered is antithetical to science and demonstrates a contempt for intellectual discovery. And for private groups, that's OK too. But for an institution of higher learning, this is an abomination and a total betrayal of reasonable concept of education. If you are the dean of such a place, yup, you're a total kook.

Note this would apply to such a loyalty oath to Darwin or Lysinko or Freud.

Comment Posted By wade On 30.11.2005 @ 13:13



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