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one more thing, have you noticed that if you stand up and fight for this country and our heritage that you are labeled a racist? Think about that, I mean really think about that. This is a way to shut you up, to subdue you, keep you from taking action. I mean it's used for everything, if I'm proud to be an Amerian I'm being racist, Im hurting other peoples feelings because I want to keep my heritage alive, The Amerian voice has been squashed, it has been quieted, it has been feminized, we are no longer suppose to be manly men thats not politically correct, we are suppose to let everyone run over us and we are.
I say to hell with that, this is American by God, I beliee in the Almighty God which this country was founded on, and I believe in fighting for what is right and fighting against what is wrong, and our current political makeup in Washington has sold us down the river, we will reach a point in this country where we will be stripped of all of our rights, I mean what country puts illegal immigrants, basically criminals before their own citizens, come on people, open your eyes, have we become a nation of dummies?
How many years has our government been working on all of these problems yet things only continue to get worse. It doesnt take a scientist to figure out whats going on, I mean come on. The problem is we have become fat and lazy, time seem to be good right now but wait until our economy collapses and there are NO jobs. Look at our manufacturing in this country its been sold out to china our construction has been sold out to mexico, im telling you people theres coming a day when we will be trying to survive off the land but even that will be imposible because our current government wont allow it

Comment Posted By us citezen On 23.08.2007 @ 23:10

why do we continue to talk about the problems and not act on them. The USA use to be a country where we prided ourselves for getting things done, now we just sit and talk while the mexicans take away our jobs, schools, families, communities, hospitals, heritage, and way of life, the worst part about it is we just sit back and do nothing. A day is coming when they will be more powerfull then us in our own country, then it will be to late, we will be forced to assimilate into their culture, your wife daughters, grandaughters, will be taken by mexicans to knock out babies and you wont be able to do nothing about it, it's happening now and we have been dumbed down so we dont fight back. Can you believe the American man has been turned into a girly man, all part of the liberal agenda so that immigrants and forieners can take over the country without a fight, it's happening folks

Comment Posted By us citezen On 23.08.2007 @ 22:54



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