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The elephant in the room is that Iran not Iraq has always been where the action is. But instead we are tied down in Iraq which was the much lesser threat. Way to go bush. That guy is going to get us all killed.

Comment Posted By tthti On 22.08.2006 @ 20:17


why do you call him little Ned? Is grammar school name calling the best you can do.

Try this instead: poopy-head, poopy-head, you are, you are, you are.

Comment Posted By tthti On 21.08.2006 @ 22:57


excellent, well-reasoned post.

in all lost battles, there is the same explanation: too little, too late. and so it is here.

there are mistakes in all war plans. hopefully there is an understanding of the mistakes and a change in plan. bush's greatest blunder is refusal to adapt his battle plan to the changes on the ground. it reminds one of stories of hitler in 1945, moving nonexistent divisions on a map.

the only question is what is the best interest of the US at this point in time. all the arguments re image or street creed are irrelevant.

a rule comes to mind: when you find yourself in a hole, the first thing is to stop digging.

quit or commit may not be ideal but each has it advantages. the present course is a known disaster.

a short war is mostly military. a long war is as much political and social as military. we are now in a long war.

no more tax cuts in a time of war, put the nation on a war footing, ask for universal sacrifice, stop using the war for political advantage, invite the dems into the war council, sell war bonds, use hollywood to make patriotic films. In short, get serious.

unite the country by declaring war or get the hell out

Comment Posted By tthti On 21.08.2006 @ 00:20


The entire Bush presidency has been a victory for the terrorists and has given aid and comfort to our enemies. Examples below:

1. 9/11 occurred on Bush's watch

2. Osama is still a free man

3. Iran was a mistake that took our eye of the ball of global terrorism and most likely has created more enemies that want to do us harm.

4. We moved almost all our forces out a Saudi Arabia, just like Osama wanted.

5. Airplane cargo still not examined.

6. 95% of ship containers still not checked.

7. 10 years after plot to blow up airlines using liquid explosives, no security to check for these items in US airports.

8. Bush and Cheney's use of the politics of attack, fear and division divide Americans in a time of war when we need a leader who units us. This helps our enemies.

Bush is going to get us all killed. His incompetence is deadly. He talks the talk on terrorism but doesn't walk the walk.

Re the wire tapping issue. The meta issue is that almost all Americans aggree on the need for tapping. The real issue is do we believe in our book of rules, the Constitution, which means we follow the law including checks and balances between different branches of government or do we become like the terrorists without the rule of law. This means that the FISA court looks over the president's shoulder because we do not trust any one man completely since absolute power corrupts absolutely.We believe in the rule of law and not the rule of one man.

Some have argued that applying to the FISA Court will be too slow. In point of fact, tapping can start without permission of the court, so the argument re timelyness is wrong.

Some want a King, I prefer the Constitution. It is time to decide. Which side will you be on?

Comment Posted By tthti On 19.08.2006 @ 17:40


Let me make it easy for you:

America has a set of rules called the Constitution. There is also a set of Amendments to this document.

To follow these rules:

Wire tapping terrorists with a warrent good

Wiretapping terrorists without a warrent bad

Or you could just ignore the Constitution if you are an enemy of America or a rotten coward. Your choice.


Comment Posted By tthti On 17.08.2006 @ 17:25


No matter how these wars turn out, they were the right thing to do....

Yes, yes, the outcome of a event is irrelevant to evaluating if it was the correct decision. Welcome to the reality less universe. We no longer need to know the facts or the consequences of our actions. We are right no matter what the outcome.
Now I understand why Dems are significantly favored by US voters in the coming elections.

So sorry

Comment Posted By tthti On 16.08.2006 @ 01:04



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