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"Where Palin has a laundry list of resentments that resonate with the base, Pawlenty has a record of achieving concrete results by applying conservative principles to governance. That puts him lightyears ahead of Palin in my book." This is BS.

Yes, Palin is the Republican who is most effectively attacking the policies of the Obama-led Democrats. (That is bad?) Her effectiveness is enhanced by her overall positive, happy, witty message.

Furthermore, Palin accomplished more during her abbreviated time as governor than many governors accomplish in several more years. She negotiated a massive cng pipeline infrastructure project that had been hung up for years. She saved billions for Alaska during good times for times like now. She prepaid her state's entire education budget two years in advance. Palin cut hundreds of millions in wasteful spending. She spent hundreds of millions on energy renawables, heating oil rebates and weatherization projects before Obama did anything about these things. Palin made her state billions with investments with her state's PDF fund. She kept her state's unemployment on par with its normal historic levels during an economic disaster everywhere else but in her state. Palin kept her state's taxes America's lowest. She reduced earmarks by 85% and medical backlogs by 83%. Palin ended energy dealings in the backrooms, making officials and legislators deal with big oil on camera in public. She passed the strictest ethics reforms laws in Alaskan history. How much more than that did Pawlenty accomplish during his years as governor?

Heed this, supporters of Romney and Pawlenty. When you take pot shots at Palin, you are turning people who respect her into active opponents of Romney and Pawlenty.

Comment Posted By Truthteller On 16.02.2010 @ 09:12


Someone mentioned the youth vote and someone else mentioned that that Republicans need to work on winning the White House back in the next 10 years. I am writing a book about the youth vote and I will tell you something that will be hard to swallow. If Republicans don't win this election and perform well, there will never be another Republican president in our country's future. (unless the Democrats return us to another misery index that affects everyone).

How can I make such a statement? It's called social engineering. From grade school kids to graduate students, young people have heard a non-stop diatribe of liberal philosophy. You can argue that young people have adopted a liberal ideology in the past, but my research shows that it is far to the left of anything in the past. (even compared to the anti-war protestors of the '60's/'70's)

In national polls, why do 35%-40% of 14 year olds characterize themselves as bi-sexual or gay? Again, in a national poll, 50% of 14-19 year olds consider themselves atheist, agnostic or wiccan. This flight from conservatism and the concurrent move towards a far left mindset, will keep Republicans out of office for years or decades to come.

The media, school teachers, college faculty, pop music, Hollywood and a growing liberal Internet influence are all complicit in this shift.

I am a Republican and a conservative by the way, so uncovering this successful experiment is not a pleasant thing to accept.

Comment Posted By truthteller On 16.10.2008 @ 16:48

You invoked the salesman analogy at the end of your post. I trained professional salespeople for years and one thing I pounded into their heads was to ask for the close. Sen. McCain did not even ask for our vote.

Two things will happen soon, and you will likely disagree with my second prediction. First, the 'fairness doctrine' is a certainty. Conservative talk radio will be shut down and freedom of speech for conservatives will be a thing of the past.

Secondly, with the fairness doctrine as law, the new far-left administration and congress will go after people like you and me who give a voice to all of those not on the far-left. The Internet is already run by liberals, the infrastructure, highest-traffic web site and's only a matter of time before we feel a boot to our necks.

Comment Posted By truthteller On 16.10.2008 @ 11:50

Blogs and the 2008 Election

I believe a lot of it is a David and Goliath fight. What I mean is that the Internet is dominated by the left. I have spent the last couple of years doing research to substantiate such a claim and have found irrefutable evidence that supports the claim.

That said, when you combine control of the message on-line with control of the message in the media, you end up with a lot of frustrated people on the right.

To compound the right's frustration and sense of urgency is the fact that you have a candidate with questionable friends, few accomplishments and poor judgment who is a vote away from the most powerful position in the world.

Those who are libertarians, members of the green party, moderate democrats, conservatives, and independents should have pause and think about where this person came from and why are they leaving followers delusional?

Bloggers on the left are perpetuating this man's myth and those on the right are asking people to stop and engage in the vetting that the general media refuses to engage in.

Look up Barack Obama and John McCain on Wikipedia. The influence of left-wing control of the message shows that there is no such thing as a neutral point of view. Conservative bloggers are not only incensed by this, but feel powerless. The new media was supposed to even the playing field, but that is far from being the case.

Comment Posted By truthteller On 23.09.2008 @ 00:01


I think that the thing that bothers me most about this seal and many other elements of the Obama campaign will be the reaction of his adherents. They will adopt the symbol as their own and fawn over him that much more. The shallowness of the message escapes them. The significance of the symbol will also.

My local network news affiliates report on both campaigns as if they are running a nightly commercial for Sen. Obama. Every major web presence that is geared towards younger voters, such as Digg, Yahoo and Google news pages,Boing Boing,YouTube,MySpace and even Wikipedia are all pro-Obama outlets while showcasing disdain for Sen. McCain.

The Obama supporters, including a legion of young voters, will take this seal their own. It is lost on them.

Comment Posted By truthteller On 22.06.2008 @ 02:40


Today’s Democratic Party is one that is too unified by hatred and 'progressive views' and too short on a country-uniting platform.

Rick, I must say that you summarized the Democratic Party of today brilliantly with, 'And they are being alternately cheered on and menaced by their rabid dog base of netnuts, socialists, greens, one worlders, and anti-military kooks who see political advantage in siding with our enemies in Iraq.'

As I have written recently, the left-wing segment of the Democratic Party is a hate-filled, intolerant group of extremists hell-bent on the destruction of American conservatives, Republicans and Christians. They display the worst in hypocrisy and bad manners and a visceral, seething angst for those who love American principles.

One hallmark of today’s left-wing Democratic culture is an intolerance for those who disagree with their position. There is no respect for opinions outside of their mindset. This trait is not one that will help the country in the Oval Office

Comment Posted By truthteller On 28.03.2007 @ 16:21



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