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Rick, this false equivalence thing is lame. When did Dean, or Kennedy, Pelosi, or Durbin, say anything as hate-filled as Coulter? Durbin, I surmise, got on your list because of that one time he said that torturing people in prisons with no access to lawyers and no charges brought was reminiscent of Nazi Germany. I'm darned if I see why it's offensive to say that torture and dungeons are not American traditions. And Durbin was doing his job as a Senator -- telling the public why he objected and they should object to policies he disagreed with. Coulter, in contrast, insults grieving widows so she can sell books.

And it's not as though this is a one-off for Coulter (unlike that one expression of sheer disgust and horror by Durbin). Crack open her last 3 best-sellers. You're only now noticing that Coulter is beyond the pale? How exactly did you miss it when she called all liberals, in all seriousness, "Traitors!"? I mean, it was only the title of her book, only in bookstore windows across America. She specifically indicted, by name, folk singers, politicians, and many others who have spent their lives trying to help people. Ex-military, lives in public service, whatever, they disagreed with Coulter, so they should be executed. An entire book of this crap. So tell me, what has Pelosi (or Kennedy, or Dean) said that compares to a whole book of hatespew? Not things you disagree with, things that demonize her enemies and call for their death? When?

And by the way, let's not pretend Coulter's alone. Not only is she joined in these sorts of obscene, vicious, lying rants by Limbaugh, Hannity, and others, but this comment thread shows that she has countless devotees among your fellow conservatives, including many of your readers. So many, that her books keep selling like hotcakes. So if you have finally noticed that Coulter might just be a tad uncivil, then maybe you need to take a good, hard look in the mirror and ask why you two share so many fans. Instead of consoling yourself with the false reflection that the other side does it too.

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