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probably nothing to connect but, Debka Files has a report on Al Hakim's son and bodyguards being detained by US troops at the border of Iran, returning. worth looking at.

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This country is heading down a very slippery slope. Logic has left Washington and the rest of this great nation. No one is speaking out to stop this insanity by our polititians What a sad day in history. The men and women that we put in Washington to represent us have turned out to be poor representatives, in my case anyway. We wanted a change in policy not a cut and run strategy. We wanted a winning strategy not a vote of no confidence. Are we not in a War? this is disgusting. People are dying. We support the troops" What hollow words. I wish polititians would stop. You would have another "Killing Fields". Between the democratic retoric and 24/7 MSM defeatism being regurgitated constantly,I feel they'll get their wish

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Although, I hear you when you say the comic book made you laugh. That's great, but unfortunately, the high school readers of this trash are vunerable. Most high school students accept as absolue truth much that authority (teachers) say to them, right or wrong. Their young minds are very pliable and ripe to obsorb this propaganda as truth. Given the leftist liberal agenda of the teaching profession today Probably, debate, if any will be "YOu'll understand it my way"

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