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Thank you for graciously presenting my comments on your blog. the fact that you have a particular problem, outright carelessness with the fact side of your delivery, regulates you to either the entertainment or editorial segment of the nut house you cheer for. I will have no problem taking everything you present from now on as your opinion. Sure I'm an asshole at least I'm just an amateur one. Thanks again for presenting my comments.

Comment Posted By the Fly-Ma On 9.01.2008 @ 13:44

Will it be apparently inevitable that Rick will admit that he was soooooo wrong with his 'prediction"?
I love this quote: "Like a snowball rolling downhill that reaches a cliff and falls off, Obama’s surge before and after Iowa shows a steady erosion of her position and then freefall."
The only thing free falling is yours and every other savant's on the right reputations. Especially the Weekly Standard. Why not predict the weather, that's a job left to professionals and fools too? Got any hot stock tips while your at it Mr.Clairvoyant?

Comment Posted By the Fly-Ma On 9.01.2008 @ 07:37



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