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By the way, excellent post Rick.

Comment Posted By tblubrd On 16.04.2006 @ 21:53

You have some good points but I simply don't see the "radical old testament evangelicals" having the influence you think. I know tons of Republicans - Shelby County Alabama is totally Republican (at least for now). But only a few special souls are as influenced by screamers such as Pat Robertson. I think Pat and my State Senator, Hank Erwin, have minds of a like kind - both condemned the Katrina disaster as the punishment of "God on sinners". Little noticed by either of these bozos is that Al Qaeda said the same thing. What glory. And while I don't pay attention to Robertson (and most Republicans I know don't), I'll be working to see Erwin defeated in this year's election. By another Republican, of course.
I think nearly all of the "Religious Right" are Republicans for one reason or another - and this is all the liberal left sees. But Republicans are made up of a lot more than the Religious Right.
I've always thought that if the Democrats could dump the radical left wing screamers, they might have a more appealing party. But Republicans wouldn't look any different if the Religious Right were somehow disengaged. We would still be conservative based and the left liberals would still appear to hate America. "Progressives" my ass. Just my two cents.:)

Comment Posted By tblubrd On 16.04.2006 @ 21:52



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