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If you look at you will see that there is no way that Bush got 44% of the Hispanic vote. It was based upon faulty exit polling data.

Karl Rove convinced the Republicans that they could be the second, big government, big spending political party in part because they thought Hispanics would vote for big spenders. What the idiot Rove forgot is that the Democrats can always outpander the Republicans for non-white votes.

Supporting open broders and unlimited immigration is a supporting much higher taxes and larger government. Look at how California has done under the avalanche of illegal aliens.

Comment Posted By superdestroyer On 25.01.2009 @ 13:16


Bush never received 44% of the vote. That number has been debunked many times. In Texas, majority Hispanic counties voted for 70% for Kerry in 2004.

The problem that the Republicans face is that Hispanics are the new blacks and Asians are the new Jews. However, there are no new Mormons for the Republicans.

Unlimited immigration will produce milions of new automatic Democratic voters. Any Repubicans who wants lower taxes, smaller government and more freedom cannot support open borders and unlimited immigraiton.

If you want high taxes, a smaller private sector and invasive government that will tell you where to live, what to do and how to live, then go ahead and support open borders.

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