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Many fail to appreciate the "cry wolf" factor of the constant drone of accusations of racism. There are many on the left that have willingly forfeited any credibility they might have had in this area simply for the benefit of appeasing their constituency or securing solidarity among their intended audience. It is truly a shame when Jesse Jackson, who once worked along side a man like MLK in fighting real and heinous racism and bigottry, could have so much to contribute but is justifiably no longer taken seriously on the topic by a large number of Americans due to his blatant race pimping.

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"Well, if somebody proves [the AP story is bogus], I would say that [the AP] are wrong to [print it]. ... I think, it’s really funny how blogosphere goes into overdrive over any such event, with all the judgments passed before any facts are presented."

Nikolay, can't you see the double standard here? I accept that you do not trust MOI (and probably not the MNF either), but what has the AP (or MSM in general) done to make you trust them so blindly that anything they claim was stated by an anonymous, untracable, unlocatable source is accepted despite the absense of any corroboration by MOI, MNF, NYT or any ancilary evidence (funerals, pictures, testimonies, speeches, reprisals, etc.). If you think the MOI (and possibly the MNF) are spouting propaganda why do you not believe the enemy is doing so as well? Since when has there been an obligation for anyone to disprove what is, to a critical eye, little more than a rank rumor, a proposition that is logically impossible, rather than an obligation by the reporting agent to prove its claims?

For your talk of jumping to conclusions before the facts are presented, the only conclusion I see being jumped to is that the facts in this specific case (like many others) are very sparse and misrepresented. The only facts we know from the AP story are that Iraq is experiencing sectarian violence, an anonymous source claiming to be associated with the IP claims the event happened. Other facts are that there is no physical evidence to corroborate the story, the NYT could not obtain independent reports (and in fact received denials) and both the IP and MNF claim the named source is not affiliated with the IP in any way. Unless there are other "facts" you know please explain why these should lead to the conclusion that the AP is right and the MOI/MNF are covering it up.

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