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The enviro-warming nuts can't even predict the temperature next year in Topeka, but they want us to think they can predict global temperatures for the next 10 years. They can't prove why the ice age type periods of 50 thousand years ago occured, or why the earth is cooling in areas now when it should be, according to the nuts, getting warming. But you won't see that in Gore's next movie.
Take as an example the current scam now going on of "carbon credits". There is a new blooming mini-stock market of buying and selling credits, complete with middle-men, and no doubt coming legislation to require industry to participate and attain zero carbon footprints. Energy compliance may be the Fed's last place to really rake in some bucks. After all, now that Fannie Mae has been exposed as the Fed's instrument of plunder via mortgage manipulation, what are the cash strapped career DC thieves to do? Layoff some of the massive federal workers? Not on your life, those are VOTES you are talking about.

Comment Posted By SteveBradle On 5.12.2008 @ 16:04


You are right on about Palin, the Dems have been absolutely blindsided by her being picked, her record, her personality, her feminism, just everything. She is what Hillary dreamed of being, but mostly accomplished in her on right. Obama and Michelle cound not stand the thought of sharing the ticket with Hillary, and now they have nothing to counterbalance Palin, except, if you count, Biden. And as you say, the more snippets the Dems throw at Palin, the more petty and far from presidential they look. We should not resppnd in kind, we should take the high road, they are hanging themselves, they don't need our help.

Comment Posted By SteveBradle On 10.09.2008 @ 15:10


Huck is going to win I think, and I don't even like him. He'll win because America is sick and tired of the political correctness being shoved down our mouths, of the pandering to Muslims while liberal screaming at every mention of Christianity. Liberals have made Christianity a target to supress in schools, courts, everywhere. The pendulum is about to swing back, and the liberals will bury themselves by publicly disavowing the faithful as "evangelicals", the liberal term for "overly religious people". What would "overly liberal people" be called? We all know, it's "socialists".

All the good people. rich or poor, of any color, who call themselves Christians have had enough, look for a Huck landslide. Liberals will scream bloody murder that "Faith has taken over America", and Christians will scream back "You're damed right".

Comment Posted By stevebradle On 18.12.2007 @ 20:38



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