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One measure of just how far in advance this thing was planned can be seen in the foreign press reports from leading India and Japanese newspapers in the late spring, early summer '01. As reported therein, top US diplomatic or military personnel went on a regional tour, and told the regional powers that the US planned to remove the Taliban from power by military force with a coalition force, with hostilities intended to begin in October, later that year.

And, as had been fully anticipated by these newspaper accounts, citing these visiting US dignitaries as the source for the information, we did indeed go from an alleged standing start to invading that country in about ONE MONTH from the 9/11 attack.

As has also been reported, by a sheer coincidence (?), as of 9/10, the largest joint US/British naval armada ever reached its destination, dropping anchor in the Indian Ocean, about as close in international waters as they could get to Afghanistan. Similarly, on that same day, the Operation Bright Star ground and support forces numbering 35,000 personnel or so were moved to a near-theater staging ground (in Oman). And also, on 9/10, then-National Security Advisor Condaleeza Rice had prepared and put on Bush's Oval Office desk that day a plan for his approval, which laid out a fully formed plan of attack against the Taliban, including the attack as it eventually transpired.

Now, maybe the Bush administration had some line of propaganda up their sleeves, with which to demonize the Taliban enough to get the US people in a mood to agree to INVADE that country, half way around the freaking world. However, if so, it was VERY late in being presented, amounting to that point to some bad publicity surrounding the Taliban's destruction of ancient Buddhist shrines and giant Buddha statues. Which is to say, nothing remotely close to justifying a massive invasion and toppling of a government.

It would appear that the Bush administration did nothing sufficient to demonize the Taliban in time for a mid-October attack, prior to 9/11. If they were determined to attack them in October, what was going to be their casus bellum? Isn't it obvious that it was going to be (known at least as early as June of 2001, and actually, months before it, as those plans had already been determined and made months prior to that far eastern trip if we were telling our regional allies that we had decided to do a war against Afghanistan) the supposed attack by bin Laden that was to be the pretext?

Unless the reports of those foreign news reports are lies (and I have never seen their existence or contents disputed yet), this is strongly corroborative of not only knowledge well in advance of the events, but an obvious reliance that those foreknown events take place, for their geopolitical triggering effect of the pre-planned toppling of the Taliban.

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