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'Unleash' Palin? Get Real

Re: Biden and Partition of Iraq

It's dumb to partition Iraq because the Iraqis themselves are terrified at the idea. Saddam ensured that there were Sunni Arabs spread all around the country. After a partition, those who have not left already will likely be ethnically cleansed. But there are areas of the country where the Sunni/Shia divide isn't so easily broken up. So you'll have majority minority enclaves inside each of the partitioned regions, which will be where the really brutal cleansing occurs.

It would be all-out civil war as each of the three partitioned regions would fight to create states where they had no ethnic challengers.

As for the Kurds, if you wanted to see a NATO ally at war, creating a de jure independent Kurdistan would be the best way for that to happen. Turkey has long insisted that an independent Kurdistan would be a non-starter for them. They have their own large Kurdish minority and if there were a breakaway Kurdistan, the Kurds of Turkey would agitate for their own breakaway region to be joined with the ethnic relatives across the border.

So you'd have the Sunnis and Shia fighting to the death in Baghdad and the Turks and Kurds fighting for generations in the mountains of Kurdistan.

It's beyond stupid. So now I wonder, how does "funny man" not know this? Is he an idiot?

As for Biden, we know he's the Tommy Flanagan of the Senate and so most of what comes out of his mouth is just nonsense and lies. So there's no reason to believe that he actually believed the partition idea was a good one. And that's exhibit A for why the man can't be President. Or a heart-beat away from the Presidency. Not with a running mate whose family has very poor longevity (both parents died young: BO Sr. died age 46 from a car crash, Ann Dunham died of ovarian cancer at age 53) with a family history of cancer and an unresolved addiction to tobacco.

I hope this helps.

Comment Posted By shivas irons On 29.09.2008 @ 14:06

From #51

Shivas iron:
why is it dumb to divide Iraq into three regions because that is the way it is anyway. Do you see the Kurds ‘rejoining’ Iraq? Shia and Sunni Arabs are already more or less separated. Iraq was an artificial construction by the British and only time will tell if it can survive as a nation (I wouldn’t bet on it and I certainly wouldn’t want American soldiers sacrifices just so the three can get along).

Simply said, I didn't say that.

Comment Posted By shivas irons On 29.09.2008 @ 13:47

This video, below, is a classic of pre-plugged Biden.

It goes back 20+ years where, in a party, someone asks him about his plagiarism situation. He goes on to LIE his ass off about his academic "achievements" and his IQ.

Can you imagine an adult actually bringing up his IQ at a party as a way to say how smart he is? Seriously? I'll bet, if he were eligible, he'd have a MENSA license plate frame on the car he doesn't drive.

The combination of his abject insecurity and his flagrant lying make him a perfect choice for the Dem ticket.

Enjoy, it's truly awesome:

Comment Posted By shivas irons On 29.09.2008 @ 13:11

Biden, in the full

Biden was speaking in Missouri yesterday and began thanking local officials, including State Senator Chuck Graham. Biden then said to Graham, "Stand up Chuck, let them see you."

Biden soon realized that Graham, a paraplegic, is confined to a wheelchair.


He did his best to smooth over the clumsy moment.

"Oh, God love you. What am I talking about? I'll tell you what, you're making everyone else stand up though, pal. Thank you very much. I'll tell you what, stand up for Chuck," Biden urged the crowd.

Our senator then walked into the audience to shake Graham's hand and told him, "You can tell I'm new."

Comment Posted By shivas irons On 29.09.2008 @ 13:05

Biden, in the full:

New York Times
E. J. Dionne

Mr. Biden said today, as he did 22 years ago, that he had misunderstood the rules of citation and footnoting.

''I was wrong, but I was not malevolent in any way,'' Mr. Biden said. ''I did not intentionally move to mislead anybody. And I didn't. To this day I didn't.''

The faculty ruled that Mr. Biden would get an F in the course but would have the grade stricken when he retook it the next year. Mr. Biden eventually received a grade of 80 in the course, which, he joked today, prevented him from falling even further in his class rank. Mr. Biden, who graduated from the law school in 1968, was 76th in a class of 85.

The file also included Mr. Biden's transcript from his days as an undergraduate at the University of Delaware. In his first three semesters, his grades were C's or D's, with three exceptions: two A's in physical education courses, a B in a course on ''Great English Writers'' and an F in R.O.T.C. The grades improved somewhat later but were never exceptional. Biden's Defense on Speeches

As for the issue of borrowing speeches, Mr. Biden was insistent that he had done nothing wrong. He said it was ''ludicrous'' to expect a politician to attribute all the quotations of others, and he cited two examples to support his argument.

Comment Posted By shivas irons On 29.09.2008 @ 12:59

Why Dems are so dumb:

"You’re taking Biden’s and Palin’s gaffes and treating them as equal. However, you have to look at the overall picture. Biden went to law school and no matter where you rank in your class, it’s a tough process. Palin went to 5? schools in 5? years to get a…degree in communications. On those facts alone, Biden is smarter than Palin."

Obama went to school on the tax payers nickel and many student loans. No jobs. Just like his wife. As if going to school hard? Are you kidding? Sorry, but going to school like going to a party for 4 years on, in too many cases, on unearned nickels.

Gov. Palin had to work her fanny off to be able to achieve the completely nebulous value of a college degree. My degree at Berkeley, in History, gave me great potential to be witty and charming at cocktail party's, but everything I learned that helped me become the Prez of two different insurance company's earning millions, employing hundreds and insuring thousands had nothing to do with hanging out, pretentiously, at Sproul Plaza.

It had to do with learning on the job. How about you? And, speaking of learing on the job: "Present".

I hope this helps.

Comment Posted By shivas irons On 29.09.2008 @ 12:51

From ABC:

Oh, That Joe! (No. 22 in a Series) -- Biden and the "Real" Hockey Mom

Comment Posted By shivas irons On 29.09.2008 @ 12:38

Biden, in the full

In many years nothing has been said that was dumber than Biden recommending Iraq be broken into three regions based on religion and ethnicity... although, I'm sure, that is the way he views the different groupings of fetid pie pieces that make up the Dem party.

Comment Posted By shivas irons On 29.09.2008 @ 12:31

"If Palin is “stupid,” what does that make Biden?"

A drunk? I've always had a small, tongue in cheek sort of, sense that maybe the Amtrak to work thing good for afternoon cocktails and a great way to avoid hangovers on the road in morning.

I really can't figure out another reason for the abject idiocy that comes out of one of the gazzillion holes is his skull.

Comment Posted By shivas irons On 29.09.2008 @ 11:43



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