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How fortunate that this is a blog and not a print medium because a bunch of trees would have been killed for nothing.

If I follow you correctly, Palin was treated unfairly by the news media which somehow soured the electorate on her, but it turns out that she is exactly the person the media characterized her as: Intellectually lazy and incapable of growth. Oh, and a quitter.

The sooner that the GOP loses its hard-on for Palin the sooner it might -- and I use that word advisedly -- begin to come to its senses and get back into the game with viable candidates that appeal to more than people who live under bridges and viable positions that move beyond the declarative "no."

Obama has had nine months to screw up. He's done some of that. The GOP has had a year to get its affairs in order. It has not only done so, but it is moving backwards as the inmates strengthen their stranglehold on the asylum.

Wrong. My beef with the media were the lies they told, not the truth. Unbelievable and unprecedented. Not about her intelligence, but real tabloid stuff. Follow that link and you'll see what I mean.


Comment Posted By shaun On 16.11.2009 @ 13:23



You never fail to let me down with your deep insights. Death of the health-insurance industry? When pigs fly.

Freedoms Truth:

At least you try to back up your assertions.

Providing decent health care to all Americans elevates that from merely being an "economic good" just as not being allowed to discriminate against someone based on their race or ethnicity when selling or renting a house elevates that from merely being an "economic good."

The Constitution does not outlaw stupidity, however, so increasingly desperate Congressional Republicans are fully within their rights to argue that a key aspect of the health-care reform bill passed by the House and awaiting Senate approval is unconstitutional.

The Republicans' argument, which we'll be hearing a lot about in the coming days, goes something like this: The individual mandate, which will require people to have health insurance or be penalized, is not sanctioned by the Constitution.

The argument falls apart quickly when you consider that the individual mandate is a tax of a sort, which is constitutional. Then there's mandatory auto insurance, which is constitutional, and my favorite -- the Americans With Disability Act -- which requires businesses to install handicapped ramps and such even though the Constitution does not address the issue of entryways.

Where your argument goes completely off the rails is when you term health care a "right" and "freedom."

This isn't about Washington taking over SmartyMarty's precious widdle health-care industry. It's about leveling the playing field. Period.

Comment Posted By shaun On 13.11.2009 @ 14:21

This is Rick Moran at his unjudgmental best.

I too have written that the health-care reform imbroglio is a fight for America's soul. But once you blow torch away the political veneer, while acknowledging that the legislation that will end up on President Obama's desk will be flawed, the result will be that America still does have a soul and that enough people with enough clout believe that being able to get decent care when you become sick or diseased is a right and now a privilege based on your wealth.

Comment Posted By Shaun On 13.11.2009 @ 11:42


Yes, it was a magnificent speech. And all the more so because Obama resisted the temptation to advance policy agendas and preach political correctness. And, as you said, cycle back to himself.

I doubt that many pols would have had the clarity and guts to deliver a speech that focused exclusively on the Fort Hood fallen. There are 364 other days in the year to bloviate about the other stuff.

Comment Posted By Shaun On 11.11.2009 @ 11:02


I think the differences can be summed up thusly: The Republicans, as a group, are increasingly irrelevant assholes. The Democrats, as a group,don't know how to use their majority to Americans' best advantage, let alone govern.

Comment Posted By Shaun On 10.11.2009 @ 11:25


You packed an awful lot into a relatively few words, and as writerly catharsises go, yours should be a must-read for bloggers.

(Sound of hand smacking forehead.)

But of course most bloggers DO believe that they're omnipotent.

I have become a better writer not just because I have grown older and wiser, but because I have grown more humble. I know that my deathless prose has a shelf life of . . . well about a minute and 30 seconds according to my Sitemeter, and this makes it even more important that I convey my message in clear and unambiguous words.

Anyhow, enuf about me. You are a first-rate writer whether the subject is tea parties or autumn leaves. Clutch that catharsis hard to your chest and muse on your shoulder, go boldly forward.

Comment Posted By shaun On 3.11.2009 @ 13:54



Of course many Dems didn't serve. What is salient -- and disgusting to this veteran -- is that Republicans as a party endlessly question peoples' patriotism if they don't agree with the dogma of the moment. Cheney in particular has led this charge and continues to do so.

Comment Posted By shaun On 30.10.2009 @ 07:04



Stop giving marmosets a bad name by comparing them to Buchanan.

Seriously, the issue has/should move beyond what constitutes a racist, a race baiter and so on and so forth.

Buchanan is nobody's fool but his own and while he still manages to draw a paycheck from MSNBC,he pees on his wingtips so often that he should have drowned long ago.

All that noted, I have a problem with your post. You never make your point and do a fair amount of waters muddying yourself. Unless your point is that you have none.

Comment Posted By shaun On 21.10.2009 @ 13:28



You further make my point. Limbaugh can take care of himself without your holding his hand. Try not writing about or mentioning this cretin for a whole month. I dare you.

Comment Posted By Shaun On 15.10.2009 @ 07:37

While you are correct that Limbaugh is a provocateur as opposed to an outright racist, I find it troubling . . . no, make that disheartening that you once again have come to his defense.

Even when people deliberately smear him using made up quotes? Even when the hypocrisy of the NFL and the players fairly drips every time they open their mouths?


Comment Posted By Shaun On 15.10.2009 @ 07:08

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