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To BeyondTheBlue:

"BeyondTheBlue Said:
9:24 am

To sfcmac: I couldn’t agree more that there were things that should have been done during the Clinton years which were not. While I believe that his execution of the office was, by and large, quite competent, he was not without his murky side."

Murky is a very weak description of felonious treason.

The perjury over his 'mouth-to-crotch resuscitations' he recieved from Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, etc, was the tip of the corrupt iceberg.

"And once a story has legs, the AG doesn’t have as much comfort in that same hip pocket."

Again, that all depends. The FBI begged Janet Reno to form an independent invastigation over Chinagate, for instance, and got stonewalled at every turn. The MSM blew it off as well.

Look at Obama's 'murky' background and associates. It's up to outlets like Fox News and concerned conservative pundits to keep bringing this to the public's attention so they know what they will be stuck with if they decide to put THE ONE in office.

Comment Posted By sfcmac On 17.10.2008 @ 16:17

To BeyondTheBlue:

"If you honestly believe that the President, whoever he or she may be at any given time, has obtained the office fraudulently, there is a legal framework for challenging it. If they don’t listen, then get in their faces until they have no choice. And if you get your day and are still shot down, then accept it."

The legal framework only functions if the Attorney General and the MSM, aren't in the president's hip pocket. Case in point:

Clinton and Gore used the Oval office as a conduit for illegal, immoral, and unethical activities. Perjury during a sexual harassment case was what got him impeached, but that was just the tip of Bubba's iceberg.
Among the felonies:
He traded classified missile technology for Chinese campaign contributions. One of the Chinese agents, John Huang, was given unfettered, uncleared access to Top Secret documents, briefed 37 times by the C.I.A., viewed 500 pieces of raw intelligence, made 261 calls to the Lippo corporate banks, and was a frequent visitor to the White House. Millions of dollars in ILLEGAL campaign funds were funneled into the Clinton/Gore coffers. That is treason, and for that alone, both those SOBs should be UNDER Leavenworth.
Clinton also illegally obtained FBI files on "political enemies" and lied about their existence, but they showed up on Hillary's desk after a couple of years of being "misplaced".
The eight year Clinton/Gore crime spree went without a hitch because Janet Reno refused to prosecute.
Abetted by Reno's lap-dog obstruction of justice, Clinton flushed the integrity of the Office as well as national security down the toilet, and not a peep out of the liberals.

Oh, BTW: His response to the FIVE terrorist attacks against Americans during his term: ZERO. The Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, the USS Cole, Khobar Towers, and the first World Trade Center attack in 1993, resulted in Bubba biting his quivering lower lip, tearing up, and doing absolutely nothing...Oh wait, that's right, he wagged the dog by bombing Kosovo and sending us into Somalia.

US Army SpecOps had that SOB Bin Laden in the cross hairs, and Bubba refused to give the order.

GAWD, the list of reasons for the use of the legal framework in this instance, are endless.

So much for its use.

Comment Posted By sfcmac On 16.10.2008 @ 08:31

To Chuck Pelto:

"....weren’t we supposed to defend it against ALL enemies? Foreign AND domestic."

You bet. The Dems certainly quantify the domestic part of that statememt.

I retired in 2006 after 30 years. You should have seen the hell I raised during Bubba's tenure.

Be that as it may, I am now a former (though I'll always be one) Soldier, and I no longer have to 'hold my horses'.

Duty, Honor, Country


Comment Posted By sfcmac On 15.10.2008 @ 14:04

You are wrong on so many levels, it's difficult to know where to start. It's stark raving lunacy for a self-respecting democratic republic to give legitimacy to a socialist president.

99.9% of the democratic party are NOT 'Americans first and Democrats second'. I served as a U.S. Soldier for 30 years, and I'm an Iraq war vet. We endured Clinton loathing us, Durbin calling us Nazis, Patty Murray saying “Bin Laden builds day-care facilities…we haven’t done that”, John Murtha calling us "murderers" and Harry (white flag) Reid declaring the 'war was lost'.

Now the Democrats offer up a radical socialist ACORN pimp, with ties to unrepentant domestic terrorists.

So far, Barack Hussein Obama has accumulated William Ayers, Bernadine Dorhn, Hamas, The Muslim Brotherhood, The Nation of Islam, Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Daniel Ortega, Rev Jeremiah (god-damn America) Wright, The Communist/Socialst party, and a host of other miscreants as supporters, admirers, and associates.

There are reasons why he attracts this kind of crowd.
He's a human bug light for despots, terrorists, and hate spewers. No wonder the democrats love him. They're all salivating for a 'change they can believe in'.

You may support him on the outside chance he gets the keys to the oval Office, but don't expect the rest of us to follow suit.

Comment Posted By sfcmac On 15.10.2008 @ 11:46



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