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Where does Jack come up with "220,000 service people totally disabled from DU dust" in the 1st gulf war?? Obviously totally contrived, no basis in fact.

What was the maximum force in the theater during the time of the war, 500,000? So almost half of all service people are totally disabled from DU dust? How could this be? Most of them were in Kuwait or Saudi, or were on the ground in Iraq for just a few days, and not while "the bombs were bursing in air". So this is complete bovine excrement. Many of the soldiers were in aircraft above the battlefield, such as it was.

Jack, quit pulling false numbers out of your ass. It's insulting to me and demeaning to you. I know better. If you're going to make up numbers, at least make them somewhat believable.

Comment Posted By sergio On 1.09.2005 @ 17:19



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