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In "ABUSE OF ACADEMIC FREEDOM: WHAT SHOULD BE DONE?", Kenneth H.W. Hilborn presented at the SAFS Annual General Meeting (May, 2004), in a symposium entitled: Limits to Academic Freedom,, a solution to this problem:
"Academic freedom does not mean freedom to misrepresent, to distort or to talk nonsense to students while enjoying security against outside criticism. Faculty members should not feel free to give students any version of the facts that those faculty members are unable or unwilling to defend in a debate with people better qualified than students are to detect errors, and if necessary to expose falsehoods."
So, this case would go something like this:
"Hello, Professor Barrett? This is Dean So-And-So" (his boss). "Please be in the conference room in one hour, bring your notes and research regarding your theory on the Twin Towers, and present them to our academic committee. Be prepared to defend your theory."

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