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the 911 widows have legitimate concerns with how the government is being run. you're deluded if you think no mistakes were made in the run up to 911, and you're deluded if you think those mistakes arent still being made (the 911 commission's recommendations still havent been implemented 5 years later). the only way to push for reform is to criticize those who are running bad policy. thats not partisanship. partisanship is when you defend someone no matter what they do.

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"And the networks who use Coulter as some kind of “Spokesman” for the right should be told in no uncertain terms by as many of us as possible that she doesn’t speak for any conservatives that we want to be associated with."

why did she get invited to the Conservative Political Action Committee conference, where she made her "ragheads talk tough..." remark to uprorious applause?

you may not support her any longer, and i congratulate you if you do, but you shouldnt pretend mainstream conservativism has rejected her, because they havent.

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