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jazplyr #9

You had me from hello.

... and then you mentioned Mike Huckabee.

Comment Posted By sara in va On 3.03.2009 @ 14:09

Why did Rush get all the love?

Because he's not a politician.

Newt represents the old guard, even if he has new ideas. His view that Reagan reached out to Democrats is right, but it was a different world back then. Newt is trying very hard to be the new Reagan truth bearer. But it's almost painful to see how much he appears to want that (his Reagan movie and all). When someone wants a crown really badly, it's just a little ugly and we avert our eyes.

I really tire of the war going on. I'm the last person in the room who would shy away from a fight, but geez-louise, this war is growing tiresome. I don't know who's on my side today, changes by the minute it seems.
All I want to do is remove Obama's marxist a$$ from office and take back a few seats in 2010. Is that too freakin' much to ask?

Comment Posted By sara in va On 3.03.2009 @ 10:57



Nice, well-thought out post, but what is the emphasis on catharsis, and "dealing with past sins?"

Did Bush spend? Yes. But who crafted the legislation? Franky, the Republicans were trying to be bi-partisan, which I thought was the highest form of man.

Look, I personally had no part in slavery and neither did my parents or grandparents. There are some who want us to apologize anyway. Do you want new GOP leaders to apologize for things previous leaders did - how much of an apology do you want and do you REALLY, REALLY think it would be enough for those looking for "apologies"?

I don't.

Sometimes people who sit in these "chat rooms" tend to enjoy analyzing things. Much more than the typical American. Especially men who are busy doing jobs, taking care of kids, going to little league practice. They have no interest in witnessing or participating in a catharsis. They will, however, get ticked off if someone comes for their wallet.

Comment Posted By sara in va On 2.03.2009 @ 08:07


Cross his heart and hope to die, promise.

Comment Posted By sara in va On 1.03.2009 @ 13:13

PS Let's see how bsjones can turn his response into at least 500 words.

Go jones

Comment Posted By sara in va On 1.03.2009 @ 08:50

Ok, apology accepted, but I have a sneaking suspicion I'm one of the exceptions.

Anyhow, your post may really depress your favorite liberal, Michael Reynolds. And for that, I'm glad.

PS Maybe you really are shy?

Comment Posted By sara in va On 1.03.2009 @ 08:42


Hyde Park

And the strings will become chains. Then we will no longer dance. We will grovel.

Comment Posted By sara in va On 28.02.2009 @ 21:41


We need to remove the plank from our own eyes before attempting to remove the speck from our brother’s eye

You cannot possibly be referring to Obama's spending spree as a speck? Can you?

Totally clear your brain for a minute and defend the budget, the stimulus spending Obama has announced. Stop talking about yesterday's news (Bush) it's over now.

Comment Posted By sara in va On 28.02.2009 @ 14:59


Unanimous support? No way do I expect that.

But, point #1, Rick is tweaking movement leaders during CPAC. If he has an issue with them, take it to the hallway. They are probably walking by, right now! He doesn't need to air it in public, unless he just wants attention for himself.

#2 It really is easy to sit in a chair hiding behind a computer. There are people on "our side" who are working to fight the good fight. Not everything we try is going to work. Risks may not always pay off. But the tea parties are a start. I protest those who simply analyze and opinionate and don't effect.

#3 If you've been here awhile, you'll know I come here often, too. I enjoy reading Rick's point of view, often don't agree, and have been labeled an ignoramus by Mr. Moran more times than I would like to admit. I don't need 100% agreement. But anyone who calls himself a conservative should at least agree with 50% of the movement, don't you think?

Comment Posted By sara in va On 28.02.2009 @ 11:14

And while you are gleefully admiring your current posting, sitting in the corner at CPAC's bloggers row, the Obama administration just increased spending another trillion.

But don't worry about that. The enemy is Michelle Malkin and JP. Take 'em down, Rick! Take 'em down!

Comment Posted By sara in va On 28.02.2009 @ 10:42

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