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What in God's name did Reagan do when he negotiated with Iran?

What on Earth did Roosevelt do when he sat down with Stalin during WWII?

What on Earth was Margaret Thatcher doing meeting IRA leaders?

What was Menachem Begin doing signing a peace treaty with Egypt? (A treaty that has lasted since 1979)

Well, Rick, it's called negotiation. It's what precludes peace. It assumes that you aren't right about everything and that you have to give a little.

The reason Republicans hate it is because it means that you might not be able to say "I'm right about everything and you're all wrong."

1. Reagan "negotiated" with Iran? You're kiding right?
2. Roosevelt sat down with Stalin out of necessity - he was our ally. And btw - look where that got us. You call Yalta successful? Ask the Poles, Hungarians, Czechs, East Germans,and the other captive nations how "successful" those negotiations were.
3. Thatcher sat down with Sinn Fein - and not until they disavowed violence (one great big "precondition" no?)
4. Begin and Sadat "sitting down" was because the American president recklessly put the prestige of the office behind the negotiations. Read a summary of those "negotiations." The two leaders never saw each other. They stayed in separate cabins. Carter became a message boy going back and forth, finally threatening Begin with reduced assistance unless he made the deal.

The facts are simple. We are talking with Iran already. We won't go any further until they obey the Security Council and stop enriching uranium. What do you think the sanctions are all about? You want to undermine the UN?

And if you'd been paying attention, there is only one thing that will get Syria's Assad to deal on anything - from the Golan to preventing fighters from getting into Iraq; and that is Lebanon. He wants us to abandon Lebanon, period. I wouldn't put it past those idiots he has surrounded himself with to do it either.

Chavez? He's a clown. If Obama wants to embarass himself and the United States by meeting with him, fine by me.

The point is, don't try and throw history in my face and tell me Obama is only proposing what others have done. Either Obama misspoke and refuses to admit it when he said he'd meet these people without preconditions (a question he answered directly at least twice in the affirmative) or he is a liar.

Which is it?


Comment Posted By roland On 10.06.2008 @ 12:14

Why do Republicans poop their pants over Radical Islam?

If you're so fearful of what they will bring then you should support bringing the troops out of Iraq, given that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11- and given that our occupation of an Arab country is a great recruitment tool for Al Quaeda.

Both of these facts are mentioned in the National Intelligence Estimate.

PS- Nancy Pelosi is not increasing the price of oil- the loathesome Saudis are- the ones that Bush holds hends with bows down to...the ones that Bush goes begging hat in hand to drop crude prices. You know the Saudi...the ones who actually participated in 9/11.

OH yeah, and invading an Arab country for their oil did not lower the price either.

God Bless President Barack Obama

and God Bless Jimmy Carter

You are all going to be fine with President Barack Obama

Come on lads..chin up

Comment Posted By roland On 9.06.2008 @ 19:42


I also think Obama will wipe the floor with McCain at the townhall sessions. I have seen McCain and he is remarkably lifelike.

Unfortunately he can neither remember the facts of the case, (troop levels and the difference between Shias and Sunnis)or that camera equipment records what he says which then can be played back again.

Hopefully President Obama will be able to prove to the institutionally racist that they are purely and simply wrong. I grew up in a suburb of Atlanta and although Mayor Maynard Jackson was attacked because he was Black, he turned out to be a great mayor who served many terms and built MARTA and helped win the Olympics and so forth. I saw the resistance when it looked like he would win and I saw them all melt when he was magnanimous and smart.

I think the same scenario wil play out here.

Comment Posted By roland On 8.06.2008 @ 13:47

it will make no difference whether the economy keeps tanking or we have a stock market like we had under Bill Clinton.

The only people in the country who would choose McCain over Obama are reading this blog.

Americans are rejecting Republicanism

So THAT's why McCain is even in the polls. Sheesh! Ya scared me. For a moment there I thought you might have something intelligent to add.


Comment Posted By roland On 8.06.2008 @ 09:51


Well said. Rick.

You're a good writer. You're articulate. You're against torture. You are gracious in Obama's historic moment. That meant something to me when I read what other Conservatives are saying about him; the rumors and "he's a Muslim" meems and the lies and horrific stories and photoshopped photos people send me about him. You seem like a rare bird amongst Republicans. You don't make ad hominem arguments.

Well, yes you do.

But like only once a month.

You're my kind of Conservative.

Comment Posted By roland On 4.06.2008 @ 23:36


It's a great night for America. Finally there is a Black presidential candidate and likely will be a Black president.

Celebrate the fact that it is our diversity that makes us strong.

By the way, this is not change for its own sake.

It's change that the majority of Americans want. Americans have come out in record numbers to vote. They are voting for Barack Hussein Obama because they do not want the status quo. I know how difficult it might be to find yourself on the losing end of history.

But rejoice my friends for tonight we make history.

"I know how difficult it might be to find yourself on the losing end of history."

Um...I'm an American too, lout. I think its wonderful an African American is a major party candidate. The fact that he is a radical, socialist leaning, naive, weak sister is what I despise.

Comment Posted By roland On 3.06.2008 @ 17:41

Please aren't voting for change for change sake

People in this country are not happy. Over 70% of them feel we are on the wrong track

they are voting for change because they don't like the administration and rightly so, it has done a piss poor job of governing

I feel we will get out of this hole a lot faster if we have the courage to accept the fact that Bush killed the Republican Brand

George Will and Ronald Reagan are dead, All we have left are people ( and I use that term loosely) like Gayle "We did SO find WMDs in Iraq you dirty hippie" and Retire "If you vote for Obama you're voting for a terra ist"06.


but true

Comment Posted By roland On 3.06.2008 @ 12:03



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