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I have a problem with making an equivalence between the global warming advocates and those who don't buy into that hypothesis. By definition, an hypothesis is an unproved guess; and educated one, maybe, but still a guess. It seems to make sense to not take action on an hypothesis without substantial and unequivocal proof, which has yet to be presented for so-called "global warming". Those who don't accept either the silencing of debate by the globalwarmingists or the extreme socialist measures proposed to "fight" it, are simply being scientifically rigorous. Besides, global temps have not increased since 1998, and may even be decreasing. Sounds like much more than reasonable doubt to me.

Comment Posted By robert108 On 5.12.2008 @ 15:28


Cyanide and ricin labs in northern Iraq in 2002. Aren't they WMDs? Seems as if the lefties have been caught in yet another lie. Also, Al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq. Connections to 9/11? You bet. The President told the truth!

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Mr Moran: Read your piece on American Thinker, and found it interesting. I have always considered that what differentiates conservatives from everyone else is that we tend to be individualistic and motivated by principles rather than ideology. As such, we are quite a bit less likely to march in lockstep. For instance, I disagree with you on the estate tax, considering it double taxation at best, but agree with you on other matters. I don't consider the President to be a conservative, in an overall sense, but do admire his leadership in time of war. My main point here is to contextualize him. The previous President took the country so far to the left, IMO, that simply being any sort of Republican is a boon in the present President. In other words, my expectations of him, before 9/11, were quite low, and he hasn't disappointed me. In fact, I am gratified by his leadership in national defense and in the prosecution of the war, with which I agree. I wish he had been even more aggressive, but as I say, I had low expectations of him. I do think Presidents in general should be judged in respect to their times, for the most part. He stinks on spending, border enforcement and the expansion of the public sector. He has done the minimum on tax cuts, but it's better than nothing.
I like your site, btw.

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Generally agree with your article, but disagree on the necessity of a Presidential apology. Our President has nothing to apologize for. The state a local authorities have plenty to apologize for, but apologies, especiallty in this case, are simply political ploys, and are essentially meaningless. Weakness invites attack, the the hate-filled lefties would certainly ratchet up their attack machine if the President apologized for anything at all. The real solution to liberal lies is to state the truth.

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