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It's interesting to me how the right wing nutcases always jump to the defense of this liar-in-chief no matter how outrageous his lie is. Noone could have anticipated that the levies would be breached, Let me say that when a wiretap is employed we go to the courts to get permission first, Sadaam has weapons of mass destruction and we know exactly where they are, Iraqs oil will pay for this war, we will be greeted with flowers as liberators, the public doesnt have to worry about security that is what MY government does, none could have anticipated that terrorists would use planes as missiles against us. On and on goes the great liar, not to be confused with the great communicator, daily deceiving the lemmings in the republican party who are in for a very rude awakening this November. He will thankfully be removed from office next year along with the other members of the cabal of evil. Oh what a glorious day that will be.

Comment Posted By robert allison On 3.03.2006 @ 10:52



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